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Concept One

Charter in Business Class  –  There is such a thing in the BVI as having it all. Concept One, a French Canadian built Doral 49, is a charter boat that is a truly tailored product focused on providing the level of service and facilities you would find on a mega yacht but in a slightly smaller package.

Skippered by former yacht charter captain Jamie Roberts, this twin 540 hp engine vessel provides entertainment and professional service of the highest standard. Knowing the waters in the past at a slower pace, Jamie sites the cruising speed of 26 knots as just pure decadence. Clients run from VIPs to corporate day trips. The benefit of the high speed is that on a general day clients can be at the Virgin Gorda Baths, Bitter End and Anegada with relative ease of time constraints.


Within this day charter guests, who include not only vacationers from Peter Island, Little Dix, and Necker Island but also corporate clients visiting Tortola’s law and Trust firms, are greeted with a mimosa or champagne and enjoy the finest French cheeses and wines after a snorkeling trip. Lunch is generally ashore but can be catered to the client’s needs. The boat can comfortably take 15 persons and there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy personal space.


The Droal 49 is perfectly suited to both vacation day trip charters and corporate entertainment, full day trips, champagne cruises or even more comfortable rides to and from St Thomas for those flying into Charlotte Amalie. Shade is provided by a hard top and at the push of a button the front visor is dropped to allow access onto the front deck where two lounge chairs await. With a swim platform aft and plenty of luxurious seating in the cockpit, relaxing is not going to be a problem.


Below is fully air conditioned and is complete with leather upholstery, internet access, HDTV in each cabin and DVD player and sound system. The master cabin sports a round massage bed ideal for nodding off after a sumptuous lunch. There are two bathrooms complete with showers. The fittings throughout the vessel are of stainless steel and the deck is highly polished teak.


Just like on a larger mega yacht, the idea is to cater to every whim. Itineraries are planned and tailored with clients to make sure they are not disappointed. Guests are there to be pampered! And the skipper and mate are fully prepared without any sign of effort to please.


Personally, I have been aboard mega yachts. In particular I noticed 10 crew and 6 guests aboard a 200 foot maze of a palace at a cost I imagine a small town income may support. On the Doral, as we cruise past Peter Island at a smooth pace that does not reflect the bumpy ride of a smaller boat in a 15 knot wind with 3 foot seas, I am impressed by the idea. This is a mini mega yacht, faster and easier to get around with all the trimmings we imagineand expect come with the experience. The captain and crew are totally relaxed and smiling as for them, this is obviously fun too.


Bookings for the Doral Alegria Luxury Sport Yacht can be done through www.boatsbvi.com or calling 284 494 0032. Concept one is an affiliated partner of Coldwell Banker as part of its concierge partner system.

Charters can be booked for half day, full day, corporate entertainment, airport runs and a multitude of other trips. In essence it’s not about the price you pay but the experience you may well deserve and ultimately enjoy


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