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Charter to Charter

BVI Airways
Charter to Charter

by Owen Waters

We have been talking about getaways quite a bit lately. But this fall, a couple of natural events have put travelling on the back burner. It's one thing for those of us that live here to say, "It's all over, and we are all okay. Happy Days."

But imagine coming to the BVI to endure a hurricane or the floods of Otto. What if those ‘happy days’ were a week’s vacation in the BVI? Or you missed your connection to the BVI causing you to be delayed one or even two days of that hardearned vacation? What if, what if…

Well, what if a 19-seat jet was literally at your call? Every time I have met with Luke Smith of BVI Air, he has never defaulted in his laid back philosophies, “If you fill the plane, the plane will fly.” Magic, fill the plane and off you go, but what does that mean? It means that BVI Air, in season, does charters, in addition to their scheduled routes. I get constantly tempted by Luke’s invitations when he stops by our office: “Going to St Lucia tomorrow. Wanna come? Good seafood there.” And when he told me he was going to fly a plane from Russia back to the Caribbean, you know, I believe him. I really do. Same as when he flew a bunch of Sir Richard Branson’s family in for his sixtieth birthday bash. I’ve no doubt about it.

I have no doubt if you called BVI Airways from a Caribbean country, stranded on your way to the BVI, or trying to make a connection home, that they would come and pick you up or take you there. When I asked Luke to char ter a trip to the DR—no problem. When we couldn’t go after all—no problem. When I let him know a bunch of us want to go surfing in Barbados with our boards, you can imagine the response. Now imagine trying to get your guests in for a char ter holiday on a prime boat. Imagine annoyed customers frustrated from stagnant travelling for lack of a better phrase. Yes, we can book charter flights here because the right people are available. And as for this year’s regattas, you can do the math of getting there and back in shor t time with little fuss. If you're reading this at the BVI Char ter Yacht Society Boat Show, consider the ease of char tering a plane. And take down the number or keep the guide handy! Luke keeps his on his plane.

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