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Carrot Bay Development Plan Meeting

Thursday, September 9–The Town and Country Planning Department and the Planning Authority will be holding a public meeting to discuss proposals for the Carrot Bay Development Plan.
The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 16 at 6:30pm at the Abraham Leonard Community Centre.

Chief Planner in the Town and Country Planning Department Mrs. Marva Titley-Smith and Chairman of the Planning Authority, Mr. Ian S. Smith, will chair the public meeting. Planning and Environmental Consultant with L Potter and Associates, Mr. Louis Potter, will present the development proposals for public discussion. Mr. Potter, who is a former chief planner, was recently assigned to the project as a planning and environmental consultant, because of his prior knowledge of the project.

Speaking about the purpose of the development plan, Mrs. Titley-Smith said, “The preparation of the plan is in keeping with Part III, Section 14 of the Physical Planning Act, 2004 to bring about orderly and coordinated physical development of Carrot Bay and surrounding areas, to conserve the community’s resources, to guide the pattern, intensity and timing of the use of land and to promote the health, safety, economic well-being and general welfare of the people in the community.”
The chief planner added, “We are encouraging everyone with an interest in the development of Carrot Bay to come out and provide their feedback in relation to the proposals.”

For more information, members of the public should telephone the Town and Country Planning Department at 468-3701 extension 2158.

The Town and Country Planning Department, a department under the Premier’s Office, is responsible for ensuring the orderly and progressive development of land in the Virgin Islands. The Planning Authority, under whose realm the department falls, is responsible for guiding development through the preparation of related plans and the processing of applications for the required permission.

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