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BVI Relocation Guide

TRANSFER FEES – Moving home is a costly exercise, even in the best of circumstances.  When you are relocating to a new country, it's very easy to underestimate your home start-up costs.  We’re not talking about rent or purchase costs here – those you will have already ascertained – but the cost of signing up for utilities and services.  In this feature, the BVI Property Guide takes you through each element and tabulates the costs involved in signing up to each service.

There are currently two providers for communications services in the BVI.  Cable & Wireless (BVI) Ltd. Provide regular telephone services, a new mobile service called B-Mobile, and a range of Internet options, including dial-up accounts and ADSL.  

Cable & Wireless Customer Services is located in Palm Grove House in Road Town.
Tel 494 4444 for more information.  Connection deposits (refundable) start from $300.

CCT Global Communications provides a wireless (cell) service to BVI residents.  Tariffs vary and it is recommended you call for a full breakdown of costs.
CCT is located at Geneva Place, Wickham's Cay, Road Town.  Tel 494 3825 for more information.  Connection deposits vary depending upon service requirements.

Although most of Tortola receives purified water from the main ‘town’s supply’; many households use the cheaper option of cistern water.  This semi-permanent and free supply comes from rainwater catchments from the roof of the dwelling and is stored in purpose-built tanks (cisterns) integrated with the foundations of the building.  Should water supplies run low, there are a few BVI companies who will deliver tanks of town water direct to your property.  It costs between $200 and $600 for a truck load – although cost will also depend upon access to your residence.

‘Town’s Supply’ connection is obtained from the Water and Sewerage Department, Baugher’s Bay, Tortola. Tel: 494 3416

It is not uncommon for outages (electricity is also turned off during hurricanes) and many buyers seek to install a separate, battery or gas-powered generator.  There are some regulations to be adhered to regarding the use of private generators – you are not allowed to use a generator as your sole source of electricity so make sure you check with the Public Works Department before you install one.


The Islands suffer occasional surges which can have a detrimental effect on your appliances and entertainment systems.  It is strongly recommended that you purchase surge protectors for most electrical goods. Tortola, Beef Island, Virgin Gorda, Great Camanoe, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada are all served by a 110v, 60-cycle mains supply.  

In order to sign up for electricity, you are required to call in to the BVI Electricity Customer Services at Long Bush.  You will be required to pay a deposit for service and then billed monthly according to your usage, which is recorded on a meter located on or near your premises.

Cable TV
Even in paradise we need a little visual stimulation occasionally.  BVI Cable TV is sole provider of imported cable channels and, depending upon the package, is able to provide approximately 60 channels, including HBO, to the majority of residential areas in Tortola. These services extend to Virgin Gorda.  Connection and installation takes from just two days after your application is processed.

BVI Cable is located on Fishlock Road, Road Town.  Tel: 494 3205.

Most cooking appliances are gas, and some houses are fitted with gas heaters for water (electricity and solar heating are equally popular).  Propane gas, supplied in cylinders of one hundred pounds (100 lbs) is readily available and can be delivered.  

One cylinder, delivered to your residence and connected, costs approximately $70.00.


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