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BVI Coastal Cleanup Sept 25

Thursday, September 23 – The Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour and the Conservation and Fisheries Department invite volunteers to take part in the 25th annual International Coastal Clean-up scheduled for Saturday, September 25. The International Coastal Cleanup is sponsored by Ocean Conservancy based in Washington, DC and is a 100% volunteer effort where persons can spend approximately three hours cleaning a local beach, waterway or coastline by removing trash and unwanted debris from that vicinity.

Conservation Assistant in the Conservation and Fisheries Department Mrs. Jasmine Hodge-Bannis is seeking the public’s support for this cleanup initiative and encourages volunteers to make it a group event.

“Residents, natives, visitors let us be more vigilant and realize that the ocean, sea and land cannot trash themselves. We cannot continue to set traps to endanger ourselves but to be more alert and self conscious towards fostering and contributing to a cleaner, safer and healthier environment”.

Mrs. Bannis added, “The only way we can accomplish this is when we see and feel an inner level of pride and tolerance within one’s self. Therefore, each one of us needs to set an example for others to follow by you taking the first step as we begin the course towards starting the change”.

In addition to the International Coastal Clean-up the Conservation and Fisheries Department will embark on a local coastal clean-up from September 13 until October 11.

“As we are a coastal community, our efforts should extend beyond that day and ultimately throughout the year. Keeping our coastline areas in pristine condition unwittingly benefits the Territory’s tourism product, marine life and enhances national pride,” the Conservation Assistant said.

She added, “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsors who have been contributing towards this worthy cause for the past twenty years. To you the captains and volunteers a special thank you for a job well done”.

As information from the local clean up is dispatched to Ocean Conservancy for analysis and compilation the Conservation and Fisheries Department is requesting volunteers to accurately record the type of trash removed, the total number of bags and estimated weight collected.


The International Coastal Clean-up initiative is committed to protecting coastal environments and ocean life. The event is the world’s largest one-day volunteer effort to help the marine and coastal environment.


To find out more information or to volunteer, persons and groups may contact Mrs. Jasmine Hodge-Bannis at the Conservation and Fisheries Department at 468-3429 or 468-3701 extensions 5551 or 5555. Registration forms are available in English, Spanish and French.

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