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BVI Airways

When I attended the inaugural flight press conference for BVI Airways, the key word was and is impressed. So, if you are reading BVI Yacht Guide on one of the scheduled flights to St Maarten, Anguilla and Tortola or on a plane or boat, start to get used to the concept.

BVI Airways mean business, and it’s of considerable standing that their press conference was a welcoming by dignitaries such as Myron Walwyn of the BVI Tourist Board and the Honourable Julian Fraser whose choice words were “Welcome” and “Make everyone proud.” Mr. Walwyn went on to say, “This is a necessary relief of stress for European travelers to the BVI.” 

All photos by Mason Marcus. 

Joanna Newling Ward of Romasco group, representing BVI Airways primary agent Travel Plan, was also on hand to support the new venture. Impressive was the ease with which CEO Captain Luke Smith and partner Scott De Lacy handled themselves on what anyone would imagine to be a stressful day. In fact, the opposite as Luke stated, “We have been at this enterprise for a long time, and it is by choice and due diligence that we are operating out of the BVI.”


To begin with, BVI Airways intends to cover flight plans past Antigua and into Dominica as well as BVI to St Maarten. On a 19-seater Jet stream 32 British Aerospace vessel, the guys are currently operating a six day week. Luke went on to talk about what stage the company presently finds itself, “We are learning every day what our passengers need, and that is the beauty of it—we can adapt and make sure the island we have chosen is served best by us. We are here to stay and want to get along.”

So, Yacht Guide I propose to him citing it as a relevant read and before I begin to explain the benefits he smiles, “Well, we want to be sure that we are getting people off and on the rock at key times. This means regattas, and also getting to holiday destinations on time is paramount in this day and age.  Exploring islands and looking at properties is important, and we recognize that, making sure everyone can enjoy the full benefits of events that are going on in between islands and broadening their horizons is what we are all about. So, BVI Property and Yacht Guide go with us where we go.”

With July and August holidays, we thought it then appropriate to mention some goings on between St Maarten (SXM), the BVI (EIS), Dominica (DOM) and Antigua (ANU), and we hope you get a chance to enjoy as many destinations as you can.



St Maarten (SXM)
St Martin Caribbean Festival:  July 10-14
 Victor Schœlcher Grand Case Festival:  July 20-22
St Maarten/St Martin Summer Fest:  August 
St Martin Open-Air Film Festival:  July-September
Moonlight Golf :  August

HiHo Windsurfing Competition:  June 26-July 4
Emancipation Festival:  July 23-August 7

Dominica (DOM)
17th Annual Dive Fest:  July 9-18

Antigua (ANU)
52nd Annual Antigua Carnival Celebrations:  July 24-August 3

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