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BVI Airways – Aug

Spreading Their Wings

Since our guides began to travel regularly with BVI Airways, we have learnt that they are starting to visit some exotic places, hopefully to be followed up by members of this office! In talking with pilot and CEO Luke Smith, the flight route has already started to open new destinations such as Antigua, St Maarten and now Dominica. Personally, I have been to Dominica under some auspicious circumstances, but it was a place that I wanted to return to as opposed to get away from. I’m interested in Luke’s reciting of his experiences there so far, “It has to be one of the most appealing destinations I have come across, largely untapped and bountiful in natural resources—truly beautiful.”

As far as having the travel bug goes, BVI Airways is keen (like many sailors) to visit the destinations and make excellent partnerships based on connections they make personally. Currently the airline is looking at ways to pass these relationships onto their clients as benefits. For me, enjoying the thrill of a sailing passage and then having the excitement of experiencing the destination is second to none, and as Luke points out, “We can get you there in no time, and you can still have as much fun, just be back in time for work on Monday is all.”

So, temptation calls. I had never thought it so easy to go Island hopping, and as the wanderlust grows, I quiz Luke about hurricane season and his 19-seated explorer, “Well, we get plenty of notice, but it’s likely we would go off to Aruba or Florida to wait it out and relax somewhere of choice…And seats of course are available. The more the merrier.”

Enjoy some of the snapshots of Dominica. Hopefully we will bring you some live reports in the not too distant future.

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