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Brushstrokes from BALI

Kadek Sudana sometimes paints canvases full of brightly couloured tropical flora, his inspiration perhaps drawn from the lush surroundings of his native Bali. At times, he choses to paint creative caricatures of celebrities; other times, funky monkeys and other cuddly creatures. The humble Indonesian artist considers his work fun—a hobby recently transformed into a budding business venture. Fueled by the work from customers like Arawak owner Roy Keegan, Kadek now commands a quaint studio in Bali from where he employs other local artists to help with his workload. His paintings now travel with Roy from his Bali studio to the Road Reef showroom of Arawak Interiors.


Roy said his clients have grown fond of the artist's style. The paintings are quick to leave the shop floor and meet the interior walls of the BVI’s finest—especially abstract renditions of coconut trees and tropical flora, Roy noted. Sometimes, he added, he’ll direct Kadek—who he considers to be a close friend—to cater to a client’s personal style. Kadek, who also designs furniture, has proven to be a versatile artist. At times, Roy will surf the web for images to help translate his ideas; Kadek in turn uses his artistic eye and unique style to bring flare and originality to the canvas.
The paintings seem to breathe life into the homes they grace with their presence. Steele Point’s Gestalt House, for example, brought the paintings to its walls during a recent redesign. The owner proudly pointed to their addition during an April tour of the prestigious vacation retreat.  Indeed, the custom-designed palm and coconut renditions seemed to absorb the amplitude of sunlight, and illuminate the room with their presence. Exceptional and exotic, the Balinese paintings truly embody Tropical beauty from Bali to the BVI.


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