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Brandywine Bay

Brandywine Waterfront Apartments – If you are considering a waterfront town house in the British Virgin Islands, you just might find what you are looking for at Brandywine Bay. Remember location, location and again location—some waterfront lots and properties here go for millions.

Seven of the eight two-bedroom town houses at Brandywine Bay are for sale. Sitting on the dock overlooking the channel and the white sandy beach across the Bay, the view is stunning. Offering the best water and sandy beach scenery around, these town houses are available and ready to inhabit.  Located 10 minutes out of town and 15 minutes from the airport, the apartments enjoy a private road that leads up to the exquisite Brandywine Restaurant above. Imagine diving right off your porch into crystal-clear turquoise water and swimming to your own private beach… welcome to Brandywine.


The living area, with a storage unit, leads into the modest kitchen. French windows and the view of the bay open the area into outside relaxing. The upstairs bedrooms are air conditioned, with high-tongue and groove ceilings delivering a vernacular cooling effect. Sea breezes cool the living area with a covered porch. It’s easy to find yourself sitting on the wooden deck humming Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.

The units are complete, including a washer/dryer and fully fitted kitchen. Entrance can be made from your powerboat downstairs or the upper area by the bedrooms. Stairs lead you down into the living area where you can instantly relax with the views and sounds of the ocean.


Given the location and reasonable asking price of 550,000usd, these town houses serve the island visitor who is mostly outdoors and wants to enjoy fantastic sunsets on a waterfront property. New windows or a fresh coat of paint may be all that is needed to give them a bit of a lift, although they are perfectly liveable as-is. The buildings are on a covenant, meaning the exterior cannot be changed. Happily, not much needs to be done to it; the view and serenity of hearing the waves lap under your porch is a feature not often found on Tortola’s property market.



The properties are for sale as individual units or as a group purchase. They are affordable town houses by the water on a beautiful location and represent a great investment for island living. It’s great to know there are houses with waterfront features and private beach access within in a quiet residential estate for under a million dollars. 

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