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Bayhouse Lines VG Views

Virgin Gorda’s coastlines explode with unrivaled beauty. Secluded beachfronts dotted with magnificent volcanic boulders fail to impress even the most spoiled traveler. Some visit the exclusive island to be romanced by its beauty—others insist on owning a little piece of their own.

The luxury villa Bayhouse becomes one with its elements along Virgin Gorda’s southwestern shorelines, perched at a safe distance from its own hidden beach and among a spattering of volcanic boulders. The signature Virgin Islands terrain bewilders many who travel from around the world to experience its wonders. One of the biggest draws to these magnificent islands perhaps lies within its unspoiled nature. Bayhouse works mysteriously, through its clean congruency, to complement its surroundings and enhance the stunning landscape. As each of the volcanic rocks has formed unique from the next, so has the uncommon luxury home, a creation that stands as a testament to a homeowner’s vision and an architect’s design.


A reminder of nature’s beauty is left scattered around the property and is apparent when approaching Bayhouse’s main entrance. The main walkway careens through large boulders that stop short of entering the front house with its guests. Within the first of two separate villas, a simple yet sophisticated lounge is illuminated by strategic openings and windows around the room. Ahead, a large, folding, louver-split wooden door opens in dramatic form to a spacious outdoor veranda and lap pool. A blend of nature and man-made beauty seems to work in synchrony with one another.

From within the main house, a tour of the kitchen reveals a concrete-based center island that affords its users the ability to engage with guests in the adjacent living room, the kitchen’s dining area, or from the spacious outdoor veranda that connects the main villa with its bi-level, three-bedroom counterpart.

As I continue my tour of the property, I’m astonished by the outdoor panoramas. Perhaps the most impressive feature in any Virgin Islands coastline property is the view of the VI’s undeniable splendor. It’s not a quality that any humbled architect will attempt to compete with—but a good one will know how to work with what nature has created. With this in mind, the architect along with the homeowner—who also happens to be a photographer—chose a design that takes aim on its surroundings. Each window unveils an inspiring, framed landscape; each doorway opens with different dramatics from the last. The openings all remain different, but follow the home’s overall clean, linear flow.



Bayhouse brings together aesthetics from the raw properties in nature and combines them with the compounds in industrial design. Cement floors from the living room of the main villa pour out across the home’s base, and spill onto outdoor patios. Large wooden louvers cast a linear shadow with the peaking sun across the dark and light greys. The indoor-outdoor design brings the two-villas to nature, but its stunning outlooks truly bring nature to the home.

The main house is separated by a spacious veranda that opens in geometric form to a secluded beach and a great azure expanse. It’s a sight that cannot be replicated, nor could it be pinned with a price tag. But Bayhouse does as good a job as a house can to embrace its magnificent presence.


A gently sloping path leads down to a private beach access. From here, a look back reveals Bayhouse’s unique symmetry within the spectacular Virgin Gorda hillside. OBMI architect Lavina Liburd explained that when she designed Bayhouse, the goal was to create a home that didn’t attempt to imitate its surroundings, but to help flatter them. The luxury home sits 42 feet above sea level, but extends gradually enough not to protrude vertically—a deliberate attempt to compliment the two. The round boulders, with their awe-inspiring presence, fall in random succession throughout the property. The main walkway includes them as it winds to the front doorway, through the connecting veranda, and out to the placid and spacious pool.

The owner describes the home as having a Mediterranean influence. He says it’s also drawn up under his German eye, one that meticulously focuses on uncluttered details. Clean and modern, yet quietly defined among its beautiful surroundings, Bayhouse seems to bring all elements of contemporary island living together under one roof.

Bayhouse Villa Summary

Neighbourhood – Crook Bay, Virgin Gorda
Bedrooms – Three
Bathrooms – Three (ensuite) and half
Swimming Pool – Yes
Size – 1.798 acres
Price – US$5,250,000

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