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Automation is the ultimate in convenience and luxury for your home.  It provides you with the ability to control any light system or device in the home from various keypads and touch screens that replace the average light switch.  Automation means that your house serves you intelligently in a way that always makes you feel welcome.

Automation by Vantage/Legrand integrates your lights, audio/video equipment and other devices into one intelligent system.  Rooms illuminate automatically when you enter and darken when they are vacant.  By dimming lights and creating smart functions, electricity is saved and light bulbs last longer.  With two award-winning house control systems, InFusionTM and EnspireTM, Vantage/Legrand has been an innovator in the field of home automation for over 15 years.  Whether you use a wired Vantage system as a new installation or a Vantage Radio Link system retrofit for existing homes, you can be confident that you have installed the smartest, most dependable and easy-to-use system available.


Through touch screen tablets and personalized faceplate keypads you can control the entire Vantage system.  Vantage personalized faceplates come in different styles and colours to match or complement your home’s décor.  These faceplate buttons can be personalized for different daily functions and themes; for example, the “Good Morning” button could turn on your lights in the bedroom and bathroom for the master suite, switch on your television or the radio, start the coffeemaker brewing or open your curtains, welcoming you to another day through the simple press of a button.  Similarly, the “Good Night” button on your personalized faceplate could shut off all the lights in your home and engage your security system so you don’t have to leave your room to check if you left on a light when you are ready for bed.  This same button could be used to turn off any lights you might have left on when you left for work.


The Vantage system also integrates security; your touch screen tablet allows you to see who is at your door or around your property.  Motion sensors illuminate your path and an arrival button turns on the lights in your home so you won’t enter it in the dark.  With this button, your house responds to your arrival: lights, music and HVAC all react to your approach and welcome you home in the manner of your choosing.  With the Vantage system, you won’t have to fumble for the lights or walk into a dark room ever again!  Sensors react to your movement and provide hands-free control.  You can also monitor access to your home from any PDA device or computer while you are away and programme your home to make it seem as if you are home when you are actually away on vacation.  With a Vantage Control system, your home is no longer just a home, but a reflection of your personal style, sophistication and way of life.  

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