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A Safe House

Whether you are packing up your house until fall in the next few weeks or just making plans in the event that we are unlucky enough to be hit by a hurricane this year, here are a few tips that should help you prepare.

First and foremost, take down pictures from the wall including mirrors and sconces.  These should be wrapped in large pieces of bubble wrap or old sheets for protection.  Also, roll up area rugs and smaller carpets; again, if you can wrap them in plastic wrap for protection, this is advisable.

Linen cupboards need to have air flow while they are not being disturbed and it is a good idea to place between items either small bars of beautiful smelling soaps or scented sachets or, if there is room, stand a scented oil diffuser to perfume the area.  When you return and take out linens, you will not have to wash out the stale smells before you are able to use them.

Any loose paperwork or documents should be stored in sealed plastic containers. It is also a good idea to leave little packets of silicon seeds (often found inside purchased cardboard items) inside desk drawers, as these absorb moisture, keeping your papers fresh.

Wash down any outside furniture you have with warm, slightly soapy water and bring inside.  Cushions should be wrapped in plastic.  All indoor furniture should have dust cloth covers. Remove bulbs from lamps and put lampshades into plastic bags.  Place the lamps on the floor away from any breeze.

Any vases containing silk flowers should be put away and the flowers wrapped up in tissue to protect them from dust and wind.

Ensure there are no items left outside that may be blown into a window or a pool.  Do not forget plant pots, toys, et cetera, which should either be tided away in a basement or left in an area out of the wind but in the rain, if appropriate.


All computer equipment and other electronics should be unplugged and covered with a water-resistant material.

It is essential to have a small window open somewhere in the house to prevent the build-up of pressure in a storm; however, this cannot prevent an unused house from smelling stale.  Try to leave potpourri and diffusers in rooms to welcome you back to a sweet-smelling house.  

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