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A hybrid submarine-superyacht concept – NEMO

NEMO Concept Semi submersible under

Yacht Spotlight: Hybrid 2012 and Edwin Van der Mark’s Concept, Nemo

The Hybrid Submarine-Superyacht Design of the future

Renders courtesy of Edwin Van der Mark

Imagine landing onboard a luxurious super yacht on your private helicopter, then cruising along the water enjoying a gourmet meal with a delicious cocktail as you watch the sunset. Fast forward an hour later, when you are entertaining your guests with a phenomenal party under the water’s surface, viewing fascinating marine life as you dance the night away in the salon.

     Edwin Van der Mark’s Nemo concept combines all the lavish properties of a superyacht with an advanced technological design allowing the vessel to travel depths below the water’s surface like a submarine.

Hybrid 2021 Concept below surface

Based in The Netherlands, Edwin Van der Mark is a talented naval concept designer and the mastermind behind Nemo.

     Prior to his current career, Edwin worked for 27 years in the advertising and real estate businesses as a designer and illustrator. As a product designer, Edwin was an autodidact, teaching himself concept design using a programme called Rhino, where he applied his past experience designing automobiles, motorcycles, and buildings to the intricate renders of yachts.

     Edwin has been a nautical enthusiast for many years, as his early work included a few projects with shipyards, and as a sailor in his spare time, he was always fascinated by the sea, boats, and especially superyachts.

NEMO Yacht Sub Hybrid Full submersible topview

The idea for Hybrid 2021, the original concept of a submarine-superyacht, was established in November 2011 when Edwin visited the Marine Equipment Trade Show at the Superyacht Pavilion in Amsterdam, where he met Harley O’Neill, a superyacht exhibitioner with a background as a US Navy Fast Attack Submarine Navigator.

     Hybrid 2021 began as a research and development project where Edwin, the lead concept designer, and Harley were assisted by a few other partners who shared experience in the fields of naval architecture, ship building, and engineering.

     “The Hybrid 2021 concept, born on a yellow Post-It paper and grown up in the computer, is a total new and ‘out of the box,’ cutting-edge type of superyacht,” said Edwin.

Hybrid 2021 Explanation view A3

 The shape of the Hybrid 2021 concept features clean and organic lines, and had two large units at the stern that slide open on arrival at a the destination or when cruising above water, offering guests a spacious area to enjoy a patio sun deck, gym, and a garage for their favourite watersport toys.

At the stern of the yacht, a swimming pool and ‘beach club’ with a lounge-bar and Jacuzzis provide space to entertain while soaking up the sun.

Owners of the majestic vessel will relish their private penthouse located on the top deck with two sundecks; the hidden one completed with its own Jacuzzi.

Inside, Hybrid 2021 offers an expansive space for guests to enjoy their personal space, and contains a movie theatre, indoor swimming pool, and a state-of-the-art gym facility. The design has yet to determine the number of guest cabins, but the vessel will contain all the standard features such as a galley with state-of-the-art appliances and additional luxuries common in modern superyachts.

     When the boat is below sea level, guests are invited to explore the ocean, and in the keel of the vessel subsea hatches and moon pools are able to launch divers or a mini submarine.

     Hybrid 2021’s unique design to transform from a superyacht into a deluxe extraordinary submarine is made possible by double-locked and water tight doors and hatches which lead to the outer decks. Hydrogen and oxygen generators and a water maker supply the ship with full power, fresh air and clean water, with an eco-friendly design powered by hydrogen fuel cells and magnetic motors.

Hybrid Concept 2021 Cruising

Last year, the Hybrid 2021 was updated to develop the new Nemo concept – a more advanced and realistic evolution on the fascinating submarine-superyacht theme.

     The design and features still remain the same, yet technicalities were improved and principal dimensions (listed below) have been perfected. There is now also an option available for the vessel to either act as the superyacht-submarine hybrid which can submerge completely, or remain a super yacht with two waterlines allowing one deck to sink below water.

     Nemo will be tested to ensure that the propulsion solutions, exhaust systems, coatings, and materials will uphold contemporary principles in preservation of the environment.

     Whilst the interior of the proposal is still in development and he has yet to generate illustrative renders, Edwin envisions it will be one as lavish as its bold and elegant exterior. By working with a renowned interior designer and the custom preferences of its owner, the possibilities are endless to decorate a flawless final product.

     “I would keep the interior clean and timeless but with a nice underwater theme. Of course the future owners will have their own ideas, but the end result will be a good balance with my design and the clients’ wishes,” said Edwin.

Helideck and Hangar Nemo Concept

     Edwin admits that because Nemo is still only a concept, the design will require further research before the first prototype is built; however, it is opening a new way of thinking on superyacht design. As our new generation thrives as consumers of the latest in technological advancements, he believes that the concept of the submarine-superyacht will be highly appealing to the younger, new superyacht owners.

     “I believe that there is a market of [young] superyacht owners out there who are wanting something new and dare to be different,” concluded Edwin.

Principal Dimensions:

Length Overall: 102 m* // 105.4 ***

Length on Waterline: 97.6 m* // variable ***

Beam: 17.3 m // 19.5 **

Draft: 4.8 m / 8.5 m (second waterline) // 6.9 m or submerged ***

Top speed / cruise speed: 25 Knots > / 17 Knots // 25 Knots // 7 knots submerged ***

* Longer versions are possible // *** Submarine conversion

NEMO Concept Semi submersible up

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