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4 Reasons Christmas and New Years are Best Spent in the BVI


From Sea Level – 4 Reasons Christmas and New Years are Best Spent in the BVI

All my life—from childhood to adulthood—I have looked forward to one particular month of the year. This time of year is magical. Delicious. Full of memories and tradition. You know what I’m talking about – we’re in it right now.

Christmas and New Year’s are anxiously anticipated by many, all over the world. No matter how one celebrates their holiday season, it’s a time that is met with great expectation and cheer. It’s no strange action to spend “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” as the famous song goes in the most wonderful place in the world: the Virgin Islands.

Crewed charter yacht vacations are always amazing, but during the holiday season, there can’t be a better place to celebrate. Here are a few reasons to spend your next one in the Virgin Islands.


  1. The finest weather of the year



The tradewinds are the best during the Christmas season. December’s weather includes warm, lightly breezy days, gorgeous sunshine just strong enough to lovingly kiss your face, and cool, comfortable nights with the occasional drizzly rain. It’s the perfect tropical weather much welcomed after months of blistering heat and nervous hurricane-mindedness.

In addition to this, those living in the northern hemisphere, especially those truly up north in the midst of the cold, find the tropical tradewinds a much-needed reprieve. There’s nothing like letting yourself thaw from the freezing temperatures on a floating apartment with a rummy-fruity cocktail in hand. It makes faring the rest of the winter bearable.


  1. It’s a no-brainer gift – no matter what you celebrate


More than half of our charter guests recount that their week on board was presented to them in the form of a gift, mostly set for the Christmas season. While there is only one special Christmas Week to charter throughout the year, giving the ultimately luxurious gift of a crewed charter yacht vacation will remain unforgettable in the heart of the receiver. Not only will they experience the excitement and anticipation of receiving the gift, but also the actual vacation itself. It’s the gift that keeps on giving in the form of timeless memories.


  1. Enjoy a Christmas morning dive


When the BVI’s weather is good, the waters are great. December water temperatures are still comfortable from a long summer of warming and with lighter breezes comes clearer waters for diving. A typical Christmas morning on board our crewed charter yacht, Lolalita, includes Christmas morning stockings and gifts, a gorgeous scuba dive to wish the fish a happy holiday, guided by your personally-attentive dive instructor; and celebratory mimosas with a hearty and delicious brunch, made by your personal gourmet chef (me!). Don’t observe Christmas? No worries! December diving is fine no matter what you do or don’t celebrate and it’s always a good idea to have a mimosa.


  1. The ultimate New Year’s Eve, any way you like it


The busiest, most exciting day of the year in the Virgins is the very last. Parties are hopping in every corner, beckoning visitors to come with a celebration for every desire: big and loud; quiet and calm; gourmet cuisine; family-friendly. Fireworks can be seen over the water no matter your angle, giving everyone the opportunity to greet the New Year with their preferred location.

Safety is always a consideration, no matter the time of year, and what better way to protect yourself and those you love with the knowledge and experience of a charter yacht crew. Your crew will arrange all activities and transportation, all the while protecting your belongings on board, allowing for a smooth night of frivolity.

For those who enjoy ‘window shopping’ admiring all the mega yachts is a real treat over in their main congregation spot North Sound, Virgin Gorda. They display their shiny hulls, bouncing toys, and mesmerising lights for a show of grandeur.

If you’re not interested in all the hubbub of the Virgin Islands, there are still thousands of places to ‘hide’ and celebrate the New Year in your own way. If this is favoured by our guests, we will plan a private, magical celebration, tailored for guests’ preferences to the pinnacle of details.

No matter how guests choose to spend their week, the joy and excitement of celebrating the holiday season on a crewed charter yacht starts with the freedom to experience it any way you like, anywhere you please with the help of an experienced, safety-minded crew to maximise the longevity of the fond memories created. It’s the ultimate in vacation wonder and we hope to see you here next year.

Megan Schlobohm, Chef - SV Lolalita

Megan Schlobohm, Chef - SV Lolalita

Chef at Lolalita SV
Chef Megan from Atlanta, Georgia of the US decided to join the sailing world very soon after her years in academic education and prior to her admission, developed a fierce passion for cooking. Perfecting her menu on various yachts, most of her phenomenal culinary abilities are self-taught, bringing innovative cuisine to Crewed Yacht Lolalita in the BVI.
Megan Schlobohm, Chef - SV Lolalita
Megan Schlobohm, Chef - SV Lolalita

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