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VIPY RC Nominations 2015!

16 Oct 14 - B_025

Virgin Islands Property & Yacht Readers’ Choice Awards 2015

Nomination Time!

Let the nominations commence!

But first, if you’re not familiar with our event or even if you are, please peruse the information surrounding the background of the grand occasion as well as the procedure for the months leading to the results.

About The Virgin Islands Property & Yacht Readers’ Choice Awards 2015

In 2011, VIPY created the RC awards’ vote and event to commemorate individuals and organisations for their distinctive contribution to the British Virgin Islands community.

This is conducted via categories relevant to people, places, and services situated within the BVI. The voting is concluded with an award ceremony congratulating winners with the highest reader appreciation and the finale is held in October of every year.


The event participation has expanded considerably since the event’s inception and the competition has intensified. For 2015, we have condensed the quantity of categories merging certain sections together for a broader number of businesses to become involved.

The VIPY RC 2015 Procedure

This month is dedicated to nominations which can be placed at bvipropertyyacht.com – this will close June 30.

July and August will allow the opportunity for voting, which will also be conducted online.

We must specify that nominations ARE NOT VOTES. All nominations will be accepted as long as they are real and relevant to the category – please attempt to spell the name of the BVI establishment, service, or person correctly.

The VIPY RC Categories 2015

These categories are divided into the three sections of VIPY.

LAND: the property and sustainable development side of our publication

  • Best BVI Vacation Rental

A property providing short-term let for vacation purposes – did the villa have a memorable chef perhaps? Or maybe an excellent excursion?

  • Best BVI Resort/Hotel

A commercial establishment offering lodging to travellers/tourists – what BVI hotel or resort has impressed you?

  • Best BVI Architectural Firm

A company employing one or more licensed architects, practicing the profession of architecture – what BVI structures have left you awe-struck?

  • Best BVI Real Estate Company

An organisation with a licensed broker(s) acting as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate – who provides the best service in the BVI?

  • Best BVI Land Activity (Association/Company)

What cultural, sporty, or alternative activity gets you going?

SEA: the maritime segment of our magazine

  • Best BVI Sailor

Exactly what it says! – have you got a favourite captain, crew mate, or enthusiastic maritime regatta fanatic?

  • Best BVI Marina

Again, precisely what it says – which marina do you find has all the comforts for a stop-over?

  • Best BVI Sea Activity/Company/School – sailing, diving, rib safaris, fishing, surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, etc.

Which company has provided you with the greatest service for your aqua delights?

  • Best BVI Yacht Brokerage

Very straight forward – for those who have brought or sold yachts

  • Best BVI Crewed Yacht Charter

There is an abundance in this category, but we’re sure one will stand conspicuous

  • Best Bareboat Charter Company

And in this category, there is also a vast range – choose wisely

LIFE: the lifestyle portion of Virgin Islands Property & Yacht

  • Best BVI Provisioning Store

Who’s always stocked with what you need?

  • Best BVI Health Spa

Any resort, special building, or room where an individual is provided services to improve and/or condition their body

  • Best BVI Restaurant/Bar

Any commercial establishment where meals are prepared and served to the public. Your choice may include beach establishments and the BVI’s renowned and much-loved shacks, measuring their service, ambiance, and of course, culinary skill. Alternatively, it could simply be that restaurant that has the best view you’ve ever seen

  • Best BVI Bartender

Who made you the greatest cocktail? Who made you laugh the most? Who was that entertainer when you needed it?

  • Best BVI Retail Store (Non-Groceries)

This includes home accessories, DIY, florists, designers, clothes etc. Which store do you find yourself doing most of your shopping?

  • Best BVI Local Artist

Photographers, musicians, painters – who has caught your eye?

  • Best Air Travel or Air Tour company in the BVI

Who got you here without a hitch?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Contact: [email protected]


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