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Introducing VIPY Style & Beauty – COMING SOON!

Tropical summer holiday fashion beauty concept, cheerful attractive woman with artistic make up

You, the reader, spoke – and we responded.

Late in 2015, we held our VIPY Reader Survey to determine what our audience desired to see more prominently in our magazine.

With an outstanding number of responses, VIPY Style & Beauty—launching in October’s issue—has been created.

Overhead view of essentials casual travel outfit. Summer clothing, urban clothes. Essentials for traveling light.

This new lifestyle feature—dedicated to Virgin Islands beauty, style, and fashion—will primarily cater to our female demographic, which constitutes 66% of our readership. But, for all of you gentlemen out there who read VIPY, there will also be something in this segment for you too.

Traditionally in the BVI, many beauty and fashion products are purchased online and imported, making them more expensive for consumers; however, in recent years, there has been an influx of companies emerging in the BVI, who serve the beauty and fashion industry, removing the necessity to purchase online.

Tropical summer holiday fashion beauty concept, cheerful attractive woman wearing sunglasses
Close-up portrait of beautiful young woman with curly long blonde hair, green mysterious eyes and red sexy big lips posing next to the palm and looking to you through lens.

Supporting our community, VIPY is standing behind the rising growth of VI boutiques and retailers, intending to promote the products and services that this evolving market presents. With our strong female reader base, we hope our audience will find this editorial section to be of great assistance for all their shopping needs.

Look out for us in October’s issue!

set of decorative cosmetic powder, concealer, eye shadow brush, blush, foundation

Introducing our Style & Beauty Editor: Pearlette Wintz

Virgin Island's Property and Yacht Stylish Spaces of the Year Awards at VP Bank in Road Town Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Photo: Heidi Schumann

Pearlette was born in Tortola but has spent most of her life in Houston, Texas. A graduate of the University of Houston, Pearlette worked full time in the oil and gas industry from 1990 until 2005.

In 2005, she decided to pursue business plans that allowed her to combine two of her passions: planning effective meetings and facilitating training; Elan Meetings & Events LLC was created, followed by Nth Power Development Coaching.

Pearlette is a licensed coach, who focuses on personal development; she works with BHP Billiton, Chevron, Cobalt, and Transocean.

After relocating to Tortola, Pearlette opted to indulge in yet another joy of her life: style. She and her husband Marco introduced Marco’s Men’s Clothier to the BVI in October 2015.

Marco’s excels past the point of fashion, bestowing a fresh perspective on style for the BVI. For Pearlette, style incorporates everything from our clothes, food, beauty products to the way we design and decorate our homes; it’s an all-inclusive ethos. As such, Pearlette sees herself as a personal style coach and is optimistic in bringing her expertise to VIPY’s Style & Beauty section.

Please contact our Account Manager, Erin Paviour-Smith – [email protected] to find out how VIPY can help promote your beauty, style, and/or fashion products and services.

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