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The VIPY RC Award Ceremony

16 Oct 14 - B_025

The VIPY RC Award Ceremony 2014

First, much gratitude to everyone who came to the award ceremony. It was a great event and could only have been made so by the attendance received, so thank you very much.

16 Oct 14 - B_013

Best BVI Car Rental – Big Sexy Car Rentals

16 Oct 14 - B_098

Best Airline Flying into the BVI – Cape Air

16 Oct 14 - B_032

Best BVI Restaurant – Brandywine Estate Restaurant

16 Oct 14 - B_105

Best BVI Activity (Non-Sailing, Non-Diving) – Antilles Helicopter Services

16 Oct 14 - B_125

IN FRONT: Best BVI Live Music Venue – Quito’s Gazebo AND Best BVI Artist (Including photographers and musicians) – Quito Rymer

16 Oct 14 - B_005

Best BVI Real Estate Agency – BVI Sotheby’s International Realty

1. Bomba Shack

Best BVI Full Moon Party – Bomba Shack (Readers’ Recommended Runner Up Award goes to Trellis Bay)

16 Oct 14 - B_129

16 Oct 14 - B_136

LEFT: Best BVI Historical Hotspot – Wreck of the RMS Rhone RIGHT: Best BVI Architectural Firm – Roger Downing & Partner (Readers’ Recommended Runner Up Award goes to OBMI)

To see a full list of VIPY RC Winners, click HERE

Looking forward to the next VIPY RC for 2015, here are some pointers about the awards:

1) June 2015 is when the next set of Nominations will occur – it will run the entire month and although it seems far off, it will come quickly. Please put this in your diary as we do want more nominees giving our readers more options

2) Voting will run from July 2015 till the first week of September 2015

3) We are always looking at ways to improve the system so we get the best results for readers. We will be reviewing outside sponsorship so that there is absolutely no question in the credibility of the results of the awards

4) This point is a message to those businesses/ establishments/ services nominated – we cannot stress enough that people will canvas. It’s just the nature of any form of election. Some say they don’t like doing this, but there are those out there that have a huge fan base and a simple e-newsletter, Facebook message or email to your loyal customers/ clients could make all the difference. This is completely at your discretion, but we are aware it’s going to occur so to balance the playing field, we recommend it as an option

5) Congratulations to winners and runners-up again. We wish you all the best in your business endeavours and look forward to seeing you again next year

6) Last but definitely not least – please email [email protected] for any suggestions on improving the awards process and ceremony. We are fully open to meetings and/or suggestions.

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