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Top Tips to Improve Real Estate Value in the BVI

Top Tips to Improve Real Estate Value

Guide to Gardening Grace

Top tips to improve real estate value

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We are often asked by homeowners for tips about selling their property quicker within the current market.

The first thing to consider is the price – the property must be priced correctly for the market, however, there are additional factors that will assist in the sale of a property.

Although the dynamics that contribute to making real estate desirable vary, we believe there is a buyer for every property.

Buyers have different motivations for property purchase. Some want a beach location while others want a place situated on the hillside. Many opt for something historical in comparison to demand for a turnkey house with no more to do than move in. Others want a project to make their property their own while decisions in household purchase may simply come down to the ‘best buy’ available.

Top Tips to Improve Real Estate Value

Efficient gardening is a great tool to impressively aid the aesthetics of property, leading to a faster sale. Listed below are top tips for landscaping that will boost the presentation of your property, showcasing it in the best possible light:

1) Curb appeal is very important – when the buyer arrives, be sure there is no clutter, garbage or weeds in sight and that their first and last view of the property leaves a positive impression.


2) Be aware that some form of entry gate raises the perceived value and increases security. The gate establishes the stage and it’s much like gift wrapping on a present.

3) Views are important – trim the trees and clear the view below the balcony of any unwanted plants or rubbish.

4) Replace Guinea grass (Megathyrsus maximus) also known as “green panic grass” and other weeds with ground cover such as bromeliads (Bromeliaceae) and woolies.

5) Fruit trees are always attractive to buyers. Just the thought of picking their own juicy mango or papaya can sometimes help to sway a buying decision.

6) Due to our tropical climate, it is best the property shows adequate drainage to prevent mudslides and flooding.

7) Special and unique architectural features such as bridges, brick courtyards with water features, vine covered pergolas, etc… all help to enhance the charm and character of a Caribbean home.

Top Tips to Improve Real Estate Value

8) There are some clients that prefer all natural, endemic vegetation, but we have found that most buyers like to see colour in the garden. Flowers demand more attention from the gardener, requiring pesticides and fertiliser, and needs more commitment, time and money from the owner. Natural vegetation requires less attention and care. This is important to think about when planning the extent of how much of the garden to landscape.

9) Drip irrigation systems are advised to be working and operational to keep the gardens looking lush. A drip system is a wise investment when establishing the initial garden plantings.

10) Do not landscape too large an area when you do not have the budget to maintain it. It’s better to keep a smaller area looking good than letting a large area become overgrown.

11) Make sure nothing is growing into the gutter, roof, septic tank or cistern. The roots of Rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) and Ficus, love to inveigle their way into the available water supplies which can cause expensive damage.

Top Tips to Improve Real Estate Value

With these pointers, a beautiful garden presentation is sure to increase the desirability and value of your home while reducing expenses to potential problems that emerge when left unmanaged.

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