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Top 10 Guide to Caribbean Beaches for Your 2015 Vacation

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, BVI - one of our most popular beaches, but sadly it didn't make the cut!

You may not believe it, but there is actually an official list for the Top 10 Caribbean Beaches that will be impossible for you to disagree with…

…well, as official as one can get when the top ten emerges from opinions as opposed to scientific fact.

2014 was an improved year for travel here in the British Virgin Islands and like many other tourist destinations, the beaches welcomed international diversity from both cruise liner guests and resort vacationers.

Longstanding, user-friendly website Trip Advisor has made it possible for a myriad of people from different backgrounds to assess their favourite sunbathing spots and many other vacation amenities. The items assessed have either facilitated their perfect retreat, or created a disastrous holiday from Hell.

The British Virgin Islands’ resorts, restaurants, villa rentals, dive shops, crewed charter yachts and any other service catering to tourists, utilise the site’s bold and evocative reviews as reflection of their service – now these days more than ever before.

So without further ado, let’s see what they said for 2014’s best beaches of the Caribbean so you can start planning for your holiday and beach visits in 2015.


To avoid repetition, we are going to make this declaration –

All of the following named beaches have warm, sparkling white sand, soothing, calm turquoise waters and 90% of them are recommended for year-round travel (the exception is Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda advised for April – September).

Note: amenities mentioned for each beach are their highlights. Most of these beaches have the standard anticipated facilities e.g beach chairs, rest rooms, swimming, snorkelling, restaurants and bars nearby etc.

  1. Seven Mile Beach – Negril, Jamaica

    (10) Seven Mile Beach

    This is a busy beach, serving those who seek social activity in between their dips in the ocean, and lounging sipping their Pina Colada. If you intend to catch it as depicted in the image above, you MUST arrive early.

    • Restaurants and Bars (vast selection)
    • Water Toys
    • Vendors (Souvenirs and trinkets)
    • Deck Chairs and Umbrellas
    • Swimming
    • Snorkelling
    • Kid-Friendly
    • Spa and Salon Services on the Beach (well, you can get a massage and have your hair braided)
    • Rest Rooms
    • Live Music on the Beach
    • Beach Nightlife
    • Occupied by pirates in the past but now home to sun guzzlers

  2. Bavaro Beach – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    Punta Cana

    With an unforgettable sunrise, this is another busy beach, largely due to the proximity of resorts. Similar to Seven Mile Beach, this is a location where everything tropical and Caribbean can be explored. Test your taste buds with a Lime Daiquiri or enjoy the multitude of watersports’ choices available. Shopping options are also very close by for extra convenience.

    • Restaurants and Bars (many options)
    • Water Sports Facilities
    • Vendors (opportunities for holiday gifts)
    • Deck Chairs and Umbrellas
    • Miniature Mall with Grocery Stores nearby
    • Regular Clean-Ups (seaweed can build up on the shoreline depending on time of the year)
    • Coconut Trees
    • Swimming
    • Snorkelling
    • Rest Rooms

  3. Seven Mile Beach – George Town, Grand Cayman

    Grand Cayman Beaches

    George Town is a fixed attraction for the cruise liner industry – that granted, there are many ships passing through the harbour Tuesday through Friday, with guests exploring this location from morning to mid-afternoon. There is a huge range of activities in close proximity to the beach, making this seaside sunbathing spot ideal for those who want to break up their time with varied excursions and ventures.

  4. Sirena Beach – Cayo Largo, Cuba

    7. Cuba

    A true family beach, Sirena has a huge surface area of sand—extremely spacious—which is ideal for those who are not avid fans of the water and prefer the benefits of sunbathing for their holiday bliss. The sand is soft and gentle for the little-ones that may accompany you. Fantastic for a feeling of untouched nature.

    • Calm Waters
    • Beach Chairs (could use a little maintenance)
    • Dolphin Entertainment nearby
    • Good Amount of Shelter (if needed)
    • Sea Creature Interaction
    • Great for Snorkelling – jellyfish and starfish
    • Beach Vendors

  5. Horseshoe Bay Beach – Southampton Parish, Bermuda

    Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

    This is considered in mainstream media as one of the greatest and most famous beaches in the world (consistently). One of the more specific reasons is the fine texture and distinct ‘white’ colour of the sand – unique in comparison to other beaches. Picturesque in every direction, this beach can become incredibly crowded, but the slower season can bring the seclusion you might be after.

    • Lifeguard Station
    • Dog-friendly
    • Café
    • Rest Room
    • Shower and Foot Wash Facilities
    • Beach Volleyball Competitions (once a week during summer)
    • New Year’s Partying on the beach

  6. Eagle Beach – Eagle Beach Neigbourhood, Aruba

    5. Aruba

    This is a wide public beach dotted with resorts and can flit between tranquillity and popularity; like many of these beaches, it’s really dependent on the time you are there, but for the average time to visit, it’s not overcrowded. Use discretion if you’re seeking peaceful relaxation.

    • Secluded and Quiet
    • Beach Sport Friendly (Frisbee, Soccer, Running)
    • Resort friendly, but arguably lacking in facilities for those not using the hotel accommodations
    • Beach Bars
    • Vendors
    • Huts Available
    • Scuba Diving
    • Great Sunsets
    • Baby Beach

  7. The Baths (Devil’s Bay) – Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

    4. Virgin Gorda - The Baths (1)

    We made it in! Thank goodness. To our Virgin Islands’ readers, this destination needs no introduction, but to our international audience, this is one of the BVI’s bragging points. The beach itself is not as large as the others here, but it’s the appearance of the geologic formations surrounding it that has seen the beach’s ascension to fame, relaying the island’s volcanic origins.

    • An epic rock formation for climbing, crawling, and hiking
    • Quiet beach on days without Cruise Liners
    • Nearby bar and restaurant
    • Vendors

  8. Playa Paraiso Beach – Cayo Largo, Cuba

    3. playa-paraiso-beach

    A trip to Cuba is a step into a time machine – whether you like this time machine is dependent on your disposition with contemporary luxuries and interest in seeing a new perspective on beach lounging.

    • Picturesque, unspoiled natural environment
    • Crowded or Secluded dependent on your position on the beach and timing (obviously)
    • Limited restaurant and bar facilities (one area of the beach has these facilities nearby and the other does not)
    • Travellers are to be advised that nudism is permitted

  9. Flamenco Beach – Culebra, Puerto Rico


    Stretching for one mile around a horseshoe-shaped bay, this hot-spot is considered Puerto Rico’s finest beach destination and in March 2014, was positioned 3rd in the world’s top beaches by CNN Travel.

    • Excellent Swimming
    • Sports Fishing
    • Diving Sites
    • Lifeguard Towers
    • Many Food Kiosks
    • Areas for Camping – camping amenities supplied
    • Bathroom Facilities, Showers
    • Nice wildlife and marine life

  10. Grace Bay – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

    1. Grace Bay

    With so many beaches to choose from in the world, this really is a prestigious commendation, but it is due to intricate details like the texture of the sand, its pristine colour, the water feel, the water’s colour, and of course not forgetting the luxurious amenities surrounding the beach.

    • Perfect for Lounging
    • Perfect for Walking
    • Perfect for Shopping
    • Perfect for visuals/photography
    • Perfect for watersports
    • All standard amenities for food, drink, rest room break, beach chairs etc.
    • Excellent Snorkelling
    • Most Scenic Beach in the World!


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