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The Quiet Month – September 2018 – From the Editor


September has traditionally been the quiet month of the British Virgin Islands’ calendar year—a time of recuperation for all professionals in the hospitality arena, business-planning for the upcoming high season, and property renovation for the savvy residential homeowner—whether for preference or to upgrade for their upcoming vacation rental requests.

Villa retreats will experience makeovers and charter yacht companies will be confirming their rosters for impending visiting guests; with such thoughts in mind, we present you with an issue that matches these workings.

Our opening feature Exploring the Great Indoors, has Sara revealing some inspirational creative ideas for the restoration of your interiors. Are you more partial to the traditional decoration of the Balinese or does the spacious, minimalism of the contemporary suit your tastes?

Subsequently, we review some ideas for exterior property development with home accessories retailer House; their keen eye for fashionable home design trends, lends experience, aesthetic pleasure, and functional practicality to their advice.

Editor in Chief – Stephen Leslie France

OBM International provide us a peek at their developments over at luxurious retreat Oil Nut Bay, and Villas & Views contributors Smiths Gore grant seven reasons why vacation rentals are an extremely attractive way to enjoy these great islands.

The Harneys’ series continues with information about a very important area of yacht ownership – commercial yacht registration. And in our Sea Style segment this month, we look at two subjects: ‘What’s new for the charter yacht high season?’ and a review of the 2017 refit of exquisite vessel Sherakhan; this grand yacht will provoke your yearning to return to sea in cruising style.

Maritime History Tales explores the dark history behind saltfish’s popularity as a national dish of the BVI while Sara reviews neighbouring Caribbean island St. Lucia for those residents seeking a respite that’s not too far from BVI lifestyle.

Our final editorial sees Green VI Executive Director Charlotte updating us on all the eco-friendly, ‘green’ activity that the BVI is undergoing. The principal advice of this month’s educational and enlightening piece is ‘reduce’ waste! 

Wishing you enjoyment of the LAND, SEA, and LIFE in the Virgin Islands.

Stephen L France

PS – Let’s keep moving forward as the Virgin Islands returns, greatly improved #BVIStrong

Erin Paviour-Smith

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