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The Beauty of Staying In

The BVI is notoriously successful at celebrating the full moon with sandy toes and endless rum punch, however, we all revel in the beauty of occasionally being invited to an intimate dinner party surrounded by good friends instead. These gatherings give us time to hold real conversations and appreciate the views where the villa is nestled away. Dinner parties aren’t only a great way to initiate friendships, they’re one of the best ways to sustain them. Entertaining in your own home allows you to create your exclusive oasis and enjoy the evening at your own pace.

Throughout our years of experience at Smiths Gore, we have learnt that an inviting hosting area is top of the checklist for many of our buyers. Whether this is an extended terrace commanding a magical waterfront position or a pool deck with room for lounging. Rest assured it will evoke an emotional connection to the property. It’s far too easy to let your mind wander and imagine yourself cooking up a feast at the BBQ or serving a pitcher of sangrias during the BVI’s golden hour.

There is no denying that the BVI delivers plenty of inviting places to drink, but it’s not too often that you walk into someone’s house and they have a fully stocked bar. Once you’ve laid eyes on it, it’s guaranteed to make you consider how easily you could build one in your own home! This really is the epitome of a special property with owners who love to host and is something we are seeing more and more of in the BVI.          

While many think that the seated dinner is under threat, it’s up to you, the host, to set the level of formality and protocols. The primary threat in 2020 comes in the form of culinary and dietary challenges. Therefore, it’s best not to overcomplicate the menu. Of course, communicate with all your guests prior to the evening and test the waters for allergies, however, a selection of pre-prepared dishes and salads through the centre of the table ensures you cater to everyone. Transforming your beloved house into a fully-functioning restaurant for the evening isn’t the desired outcome when entertaining. You will want to be present as the night unfolds, keeping one eye on topping up drinks and the other on the flowing conversation.

We spend so much of our time either at work or running errands all weekend long, why shouldn’t we enjoy the sanctuary of our own home with others? We so lovingly renovate it and make it a reflection of our personality so let’s share that with new and old friends over dinner. Making memories at home helps us fall in love with our property all over again and after all, it’s our life’s most extravagant purchase.

Top tips for hosting in the BVI

Turn phones off


Many of us have experienced delightful gatherings interrupted by continuous beeps and buzzing. Sitting down and sharing a meal with friends should be cherished. There is not a place setting for your phone so don’t invite it to join for dinner.

Curating the guest list

If the conversation is flat, it really doesn’t matter how fluffy the mousse was. Mixing friend groups can be a blast, but it does require an attentive host to ensure the conversation moves along. One of the easiest ways to help people gel is to point out the things they share in common, then watch a new friendship take shape!

Citronella candles

Candles are an easy way to add dimension and ambience to your tablespace without breaking the bank. However, mosquitos will be poised and ready to crash your party so be sure to have specific citronella ones.


It sounds too simple, but living in the BVI comes with its challenges – like keeping beverages icy cold! Over-buy, keep it stored, and don’t run out!

Megan McCann

Megan McCann

Megan has recently returned to the BVI as the Head of Marketing & Branding for Smiths Gore. She left her Advertising role in the UK in need of sunnier shores but is no stranger to the Caribbean, having previously worked at Necker Island planning their events for many years.
Megan McCann

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