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The Famous Awesome Sandwich – [BVI Food Recipe]

Living up to its Name

For residents of the British Virgin Islands, this month is highlighted for two very different reasons. Both have been discussed in this issue falling at completely different ends of the pleasure spectrum – one breeding happiness and joy, and the other provoking caution and anxiety.

Of course it does not take a Sherlock imitation to deduce that the two great forces in reference are August Festival with its gratifying three-day holiday and hurricane season, imparting its distinct form of threats like the Big Bad Wolf.

Good cuisine is a global solution to a variety of problems and aLookingGlass’s Taste cookbook—a showcase of delectable specialties from renowned BVI restaurants—offers delicious diversions from the obstacles that can manifest during this dichotomous month.

Presenting a snack that can fix the stomach for the hedonistic celebrations entertained on this long holiday, or provide comfort with a scrumptious fix should nature decide to make BVI residents prisoners in their homes while conferring a makeover on our piece of paradise, The Famous Awesome Sandwich of Trellis Kitchen is the answer.

Speaking to Jeremy—the proud creator of this compact feast—his inspiration for the recipe emerged out of a desire to place a conspicuous food option on his menu. “When creating a new food place, we wanted something unique and different so we could stand out from the crowd,” he said.

Giving it the name Famous Awesome Sandwich, “’Famous’ because it would become,” explained the creator who fashioned the snack 6 years ago, “’Awesome’ because it is,” he added, the word ‘awesome’ was Jeremy’s quirky way of coining the sandwich with a word he hears frequently in his establishment.

“A mixture of fresh organic vegetables, grilled cheese and either meat, fish, veg or lobster with a tangy sauce…gives it that different taste,” he further explained.“Not hot but tangy Kuchela. We have the Kuchela handmade here in the BVI by a lady from Trinidad. The bread is the real key – a seven grain uncut giant loaf made exclusively for us by La Baguette. We hand slice the loaf to give you a beautiful hunk of toasted bread on both sides.”


The sandwich which Jeremy said is served daily due to its popularity is a great recipe that fits every occasion. “I think it gives the Taste book a feeling of uniqueness – an entrepreneurial feel of how you can do anything if you think about it,” he said underlining the sandwich’s contribution to the book as well as its practicality. “It’s also a very basic world food type—the sandwich—it’s filling and not just a piece of food art on a plate.”

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