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Sweets for My Sweet


Sweets for My Sweet

Recipes & food styling by Kayleigh Driver

Welcome to our new food and drink section – Delish!

Each month we will select a recipe or two (or three!) and share it with you. We will keep it simple and scrumptious, using only ingredients that can be found on island and tips on where to find them.

To start off, it’s romantic February, the month of love and a perfect excuse to indulge in chocolatey decadence. The chocolate lava cakes are a favourite among my family – easy to do and excellent leftovers for those of you who might need a 3 o’clock pick-me-up to go with your afternoon coffee. The combination of the warm gooey chocolate and the cold toasted coconut ice-cream are just heavenly. Perfect for Valentine’s Day with that special someone.

Even better, the chocolate batter and ice-cream can be made ahead which makes for a less stressful evening. Even though there might not be any leftover ice-cream, we have included a bonus recipe for affogato, just in case. I hope that you enjoy these as much as we do.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

Chocolate Lava Cake

Serves 6-8

Level: easy

Allow at least 15 minutes for these to bake


8 oz semi sweet baking chocolate

4 oz unsalted butter

1 teaspoon vanilla

Pinch of salt

½ Cup granulated sugar

3 Tablespoons all-purpose flour

4 eggs room temperature

Extra butter or cooking spray to grease ramekin

For a gluten/dairy free option:


8oz semi sweet baking chocolate

4 oz coconut oil

1 teaspoon vanilla

Pinch of salt

½ Cup granulated sugar

1 ½ Tablespoon coconut flour

4 eggs room temperature

Method (for gluten/dairy-free also)

Using a large microwave safe bowl, begin by melting chocolate, butter, and vanilla, (or, begin by melting first 3 ingredients together to allow for the gluten-free and dairy-free option below) in the microwave at 30-second intervals, stirring each time. Careful not to burn the chocolate! Once melted, add vanilla.

Allow chocolate mixture to cool. If it’s too hot, the eggs will scramble.

While the chocolate is cooling, measure out the sugar and flour and sift together.

Now the chocolate has cooled, using a hand held electric mixer, add the flour and sugar mixture together until combined.

Crack the eggs into a liquid measuring cup. With the mixer on medium, add the eggs one at a time and allow each to incorporate.

Once all 4 eggs have been added, turn the mixer up to medium-high and beat until the batter turns lighter in colour – up to 3 minutes should be fine.

Transfer to an air-tight container and allow to refrigerate for at least 1 hour up to 24 hours.

When you are ready to bake, preheat your oven to 375°F. Thoroughly grease the ramekins, and set them on a baking tray. Alternatively, a cupcake tray can be used, but must be removed individually once baked.

Using an ice cream scoop, evenly scoop the batter into each ramekin and carefully place in the oven. Cooking time will range from 12-16 minutes, depending on ramekin size. You will know they are done when they are firm on the edges and the centre is gooey.

Remove from oven and allow to cool for 1-minute before you turn out on to plate.

Serve with homemade toasted coconut ice cream, sprinkle of powdered sugar, and fruit.

Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

Serves 6 – 8

Level: intermediate/difficult

You will need:

1 baking tray

Large liquid measuring cup

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons

2 medium saucepans

1 fine mesh sieve

Wooden spoon or heatproof spatula

Hand whisk

1 medium mixing bowl

2 large mixing bowls

1 paring knife

1 small chopping board

Ice cream maker


3 cups dried shredded coconut, preferably unsweetened

1 cup whole milk

2 cups heavy cream

3/4 cup sugar

Big pinch of salt

1 vanilla bean, split in half lengthwise (available from Sunny Caribbee)

5 large egg yolks

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extra


Preheat the oven to 350°F. Spread the coconut on a baking sheet and bake for 5 to 8 minutes, stirring it frequently so it toasts evenly. Remove it from the oven when it’s nice and fragrant and golden brown.

In a medium saucepan, warm the milk, 1 cup of the heavy cream, sugar, salt and 2 cups of the toasted coconut, reserve 1 cup for later. Use a paring knife and scrape all the vanilla seeds into the warm milk, then add the pod as well. Careful not to scold the milk, as soon as it starts to bubble, turn off the heat. Don’t leave this unattended, it can quickly boil over and cause quite a mess!

Cover, remove from the heat, and set at room temperature for 1 hour to allow the coconut to infuse the milk/cream mixture.

Rewarm the coconut-infused mixture. Set a mesh strainer over another medium saucepan and strain the coconut-infused liquid through the strainer into the saucepan. Press down on the coconut very firmly with a flexible rubber spatula to extract as much of the flavour from it as possible.

Remove and discard the coconut and the vanilla bean.

Pour the remaining 1 cup heavy cream into a large bowl and set the mesh strainer on top.

In a separate medium bowl, whisk together the egg yolks. Slowly pour the warm coconut-infused mixture into the egg yolks, whisking constantly, then scrape the warmed egg yolks back into the saucepan. Note: it is important to slowly add the warm mixture to the egg yolks to allow them to come to the same temperature and avoid scrambling. This is called tempering.

Stir the mixture constantly over medium heat with a heatproof spatula, scraping the bottom as you stir, until the mixture thickens and coats the back of a spatula. Pour the custard through the strainer and stir it into the cream. Mix in the vanilla and stir over an ice bath until cool.

Chill the mixture thoroughly in the refrigerator, add the reserved cup of toasted coconut if desired for texture, then freeze it in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Left over ice cream can be used in this quick dessert:


Scoop of ice cream

Warm espresso coffee (and an optional liquor of your choice. We love Cointreau)


Delish was shot on location at Golden Pavilion Villa – a unique Balinese-inspired property, unparalleled on Tortola. For more information see: goldenpavilion.com. For booking enquiries: Mathew Restell, Estate Manager on [email protected].

Kayleigh Driver

Kayleigh Driver

Born and raised on Tortola, Kayleigh is the Coldwell Banker/BVI Villa Rental Property Manager and Villa Chef. Kayleigh loves to work with fresh island produce as much as she can, supporting local farmers and fishermen. She looks forward to sharing fresh and fun recipes with you.
Kayleigh Driver

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