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Have a Staycation in the BVI

Erin Paviour-Smith

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‘STAYCATION’: A recent addition to the English language and an amalgamation of the words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’, this term is frequently used in the BVI to define the act of enjoying a vacation in one’s own country; a word that’s not popular or perhaps unknown if you hail from a colder climate.

With July, BVI residents are fully immersed in a time where ‘staycation’ is ideal – with the slower pace, the great weather brought on by summer, the immense host of water activities available, and the pleasantly-priced luxury lifestyle options on offer, the only question is what to do first.

For visitors, the discounted rates advertised for these phenomenal amenities and the quieter tourist-traffic is a double win. In this month’s issue, we review some of the possibilities…

Being a tourist for a day means taking up activities like snorkelling or diving – a pursuit that truly brings the fiction of ‘another world’ into reality with the unique marine life and enigmatic perspective that moving under water bestows. It also means attempting to see the islands from the altered viewpoint of a visitor if granted the opportunity; perhaps staying in a discounted resort for a weekend or if greatly fortunate, one of the BVI’s exclusive villa rentals like Celestial House in Long Bay; a property fit for permanent vacation-living.

Rejuvenating with spa treatments might be an option, but some may wish to bring the luxury of spas right into the home with renowned BVI retailer House and the line of peace-inspiring accessories they’re promoting this month.

Of course, chartering a boat is an obligation on vacation here in the BVI, the global capital for sailing, but if seeking an altogether novel approach of seeing the islands, Antilles Helicopter Services gives us a taste in our Virgin Islands Life column – can you guess all the locations from that height?


Events are still in full flair this summer with the upcoming Premier’s Cup – a sailing regatta for children this month that uses all funds to support the Kids At The Sea (KATS) programme. There’s also the RC Boat Racing Championship in August, a BVI tradition that attracts an international following.

Finally, let’s not forget a VIPY annual tradition that has arrived again – The Readers’ Choice Awards – this year we are starting by taking nominations. Check out the categories and let us know who you think should win by emailing [email protected] – please be advised, this is the nomination stage, not the actual voting – voting time will be announced later.

Stephen L France

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