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Photos of Visiting St John

Virgin Islands Life – USVI Excursions – St John

Words by Brian Duff

Photography by Shakti Segura

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – the great aspect of living in the BVI – jumping from island to island. This hobby is made even more amusing when heading from the BVI to the USVI. The differences between the islands are huge and interesting. Case in point – the beautiful St John…

Busy Cruz Bay is the portal to St John

St John (7)

As above so below, the beauty of the VI is more than skin deep!

St John (5)

St John (6)

The waterways of the Virgin Islands lead to new adventures every day

St John (3)

St John (1)


St John (4)

Follow us to the deep blue sea!

St John (8)

Tidal pools on St John are teeming with life such as these White Cheeked Pintail Ducks

St John (9)

Even the smallest life-forms will defend their homes. Watch your step as you explore!

St John (10)

St John is laced with hiking trails to explore

St John (11)

Sugar Mills where sugar, mollassus and rum were produced many years ago

St John (12)

Ruins such as this can be found all over the island. Walk the trails and see

St John (14)

St John (13)

The largest wildlife you can find above water in all the Virgin Islands – White Tailed Deer

St John (15)

Shakti Segura
Adventurer by heart, Shakti’s passion for photography started in 1997 with a Nikon F1 35mm SLR Camera. When she started travelling in her native Mexico, she discovered the pure joy of telling a story with an image. Film photography made her see the light and colour of the world in a different way. Shakti uses photography to capture little moments on this huge planet. Landscapes, water, love...Shakti is a spy of the world.
Shakti Segura

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