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The Special Edition – VIPY RC Results and more…


Nevaeh – An exquisite property and the result of a collaboration of the finest BVI construction experts

From the Editor

OUR SPECIAL EDITION of the magazine is here and the Virgin Islands Property & Yacht Readers’ Choice results are in for all to view. It was a fierce competition this year with a dramatic increase in reader participation. Enjoy reviewing who our audience has crowned the champions in their respective categories, covering LAND, SEA, and LIFE in the British Virgin Islands.

In delving into the articles we have in store for you this month, we must confess our thorough pleasure in working on this issue. It’s probably one of the best, if not the best of magazines we’ve had the delight of creating – we’re optimistic you will gain an equal level of gratification as well.

Our cover piece and first article is the largest feature VIPY has ever promoted. Nevaeh—a property in Anguilla—is the resulting beauty of an assortment of BVI construction experts. All contributors to this feat of architectural superiority, are the epitome of excellence in their respective areas; the final accomplishment is certainly testament to their expertise.

Following, VIPY meets revolutionary company aTec – a local organisation that will escort the BVI into its prosperous future via renewable energy services. It is visually evident that the geographical location of the BVI is perfection for utilising renewable energy solutions, and aTec are spearheading this historic step for the islands’ development.

BVI HomeSense exhibits 12 reasons to buy property in the BVI when compared to other tropical options—ideal advice if you’re deciding between the Caribbean islands—while our incredible Reader Giveaway this month is a sport fishing charter with specialists Ocean Surfari.

Stephen L France
Erin Contributor Photo
Editor-in-Chief – Stephen L France
Staff Writer – Lauren Charley
Sales and Marketing – Erin Paviour-Smith

In our From Sea Level feature, we indulge a unique recipe for eating a lion…alright, we mean lionfish, but the former sounded more shocking and held your attention.


BVI Maritime History Tales explores a strong persuasion for tsunami preparedness and House home accessories retailer present some great gift ideas for under $50 in Things We Love.

Concluding, Editorial Coordinator Lauren Charley dabbles in some proper traditional BVI cuisine for the first time in being A Tourist in [Her] Own Town. As always…

Wishing you enjoyment of the LAND, SEA, and LIFE of the Virgin Islands

Stephen L France

PS – Congratulations to all nominees of the VIPY RC 2015 – it was the widest received competition we’ve had yet!

Erin Paviour-Smith

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