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Soak it up: Luxurious Baths

The imagery of soaking in a tub full of warm, sudsy water is enough to make anyone swoon. Add your favourite beverage and a good book or some streaming TV and it may be hard to extract you from the bath. But the soaking tub you may be imagining is getting an upgrade – a really luxe upgrade. From a vintage claw-footed tub to a new kind of whirlpool, step in for a soak and let your worries melt away.


The traditional bathtub is more than functional now. Many bathrooms are making a beautiful tub the centrepiece of the space, so naturally, it has to be incredible.  

A minimalist tub looks clean and modern. But just because it’s not over-the-top ornate doesn’t mean it’s any less luxurious. Modern design is sweeping the globe’s most lavish homes, as owners like how the rooms look and feel expensive without being cluttered.

In line with the modern aesthetic, bathtubs don’t have to have rounded edges anymore. Rectangles and squares are finding their way into traditional oblong bathtub places, and can update the look of any space.

A vintage clawfoot tub evokes the luxury of times gone by. Place it in a modern space and it will feel instantly elegant.


Metal tubs have shed their hillbilly persona and have taken on a “Game of Thrones”, regal quality. From stainless steel and matte-painted metals to bronze and copper, a metal tub definitely is the star of the show.

Bathtubs are no longer required to be white or light coloured anymore, either. Dark tubs are bringing drama to the bathroom and can make a normal day feel sexy and intriguing.

New materials, including wood, cork, stone and even composites made from recycled materials are showing up in elegant bathrooms like never before.

Image courtesy of Necker Island



If the bathtub is extraordinary on its own, then a free-standing location is the way to go. By making a statement with an incredible tub, the rest of the room will flow around it, creating an even more resort-like or spa experience. Freestanding tubs can increase a home’s value by more than 50 per cent, according to a recent Market Watch survey.

A fixed tub doesn’t mean it can’t be extravagant or elegant. Bathtubs can sometimes mimic the “infinity pool” effect – a great view out a large window and an overflow tub means the poolside experience can be enjoyed indoors, in any weather.

Bathtubs aren’t confined by walls anymore, either. If an outdoor shower is a luxury, imagine watching the sunset and the stars coming out, viewing it all from a warm bath on the deck. Outdoor bathtubs surrounded by carefully curated greenery creates a rainforest effect and can feel exotic, even in the city.


Whirlpools are nothing new. But bathtub technology is also getting an upgrade. While traditional whirlpools use water jets to create their signature churn, new “airbath” systems are using steady streams of warm air bubbles to create a gentle, babbling effect.

All the senses are engaged with new bathtub tech. Chromatherapy uses light and colour to create a serene atmosphere for relaxation. Coloured lights can enhance a soaking experience by using calming hues like blue and purple, while red offers a romantic backdrop for a couple’s evening in. Aromatherapy has long been used by massage therapists, and it’s finding its way into bath tech as well. Some modern tubs come with an aromatherapy system built in, allowing a user to choose a favourite essential oil that can be diffused during a relaxing soak.

If you’ve ever been tempted to totally submerge yourself but refrain because of the risk of the tub running over, this tub upgrade is for you. “Overflow” models provide a tub inside a tub. An inner tub is surrounded by a channel that catches any excess water and circulates it back into the bath, making total submersion possible and deliriously comfortable.

From free-standing statement tubs to an incredible soak in a pool of bubbling bliss, an upgraded bathtub has never been more desirable.

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