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Rosé ALL Day!

Virgin Islands Property & Yacht has gathered three of the BVI’s finest food and wine experts to bring you Rosé All Day! A celebration of rosé wine, popular in our community due to its quaffable qualities - from the driest to the fruitiest, from the lightest to the most robust, matching our tropical climate perfectly.

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Days of wine & Rosés

Head Chef Regis Bourdon of Brandywine Estate Restaurant muses on his childhood growing up in Nice, Mediterranean cuisine and drinking far too much Rosé.

By Claire Shefchik • Photography by Jennifer Balcombe

Executive Chef owner of Brandywine Estate Restaurant, Regis Bourdon is known for his passion of Mediterranean style cuisine, influenced by his unique upbringing. Regis took the time to speak with us about his early years growing up in the South of France and his love of fine food and wine ahead of the Rosé All Day event this coming November.

Regis, whose grandfather Guy-Allegre was a chef, cooking traditional French homestyle cuisine in Lyon. He encouraged young Regis’ interest in cuisine. His Grandmother, Madeleine was also seamstress for Monsieur Paul Bocuse, who was named Chef of the Century and the Pope of Gastronomy. So delicious food and Chefs at the top of their game in France surrounded Regis from a very young age.


Regis expertly filleting a whole, fresh salmon from Grape Expectations.

As a teenager, he spent his summers working at his Grandfather’s restaurant as a waiter while exploring different kitchens from highly acclaimed restaurants to pizzerias. It’s no surprise that Regis’ mother was also a chef who ran restaurants and it was only natural that he would gravitate to that career path.

Soon Regis found himself working as an apprentice Chef in Southern France. “I apprenticed at a well-known restaurant called Le Grill de la Mer, owned by Monsieur Noguera, where I learned to make some fantastic dishes featuring all varieties of seafood”.

These broad cooking experiences from such an early age helped Regis to develop a raft of skills, which will be evident when guests sample dishes at the Rosé All Day event, where Regis will be showcasing six Rosé inspired tastings.

“Preparing classic food from the South of France is a tradition that I love. A lot of fresh fish is served with olive oil, instead of butter. Even the wines are different; Rosé wine is served on nearly every table at lunchtime as a sign of respect for the age-old traditions” says Regis.

”Weekends spent with family in the South of France were truly memorable. After a day of playing games such as petanque, we would have a barbecue in the late Sunday afternoon” he continues.

The lobster dish that guests will taste at Rose All Day on 5 November.

Regis is ready to bring his take on Mediterranean cuisine to the guests at Rosé All Day. His dishes will feature a variety of seafood, cooked in unique and creative ways. He will be offering an exquisite tasting menu that includes stuffed pasta shells with salmon and dill in creamy bechamel sauce and braised lobster wrapped in serrano ham. The other dishes are top-secret and will only be revealed to guests on the day of the event.

Above all, Regis’ food captures the true flavours influenced by his heritage in the South of France. With an eye for presentation, Regis enjoys challenging the taste buds with every dish he serves. He believes that food should be enjoyed in its most natural form and strives to bring Mediterranean food to life through his unique cooking style.

When asked about his goals for the event, Regis says “I’m looking forward to bringing my passion for classic Mediterranean dishes alive at Brandywine Estate Restaurant. My goal is to create a dining experience that my guests won’t forget.”

He encourages guests to come and experience eating like a Provencal and to expect the unexpected – “It’s always a success for me when everyone leaves happy!” he laughs.

Rosé All Day brought to you by Brandywine Estate Restaurant and industry partners The French Deli and Grape Expectations promises a day full of culinary delights curated by Regis, with Rosé wines expertly paired by Somilier Remi Craquelin and food ingredients courtesy of Nigel Keegan.

Brandywine Estate Restaurant
is open Wednesday to Sunday
from 12pm until late. To reserve
your table (recommended), please
+1 284 495-2301 or
+1 284 541 4586
[email protected]

Vive La vie en Rosé!

By Claire Shefchik • Photography by Jennifer Balcombe

As our Rosé All Day journey continues, we meet the family behind The French Deli – The BVI’s only gourmet deli and store that is 100 percent committed to European food and wine. The BVI’s only 100 percent European gourmet deli and store, The French Deli, is proudly a family-run business.

Jean-Luc Simon founded the business in 2006. In 2017 he retired and Sebastien Craquelin took over general management and is now chairman of The French Deli and its sister company, La Baguette.

Sebastien and Remi Craquelin from
French Deli.

Sebastien had always been passionate about cooking, having studied baking when he and his parents relocated to St. Maarten from 1989 until 1998. He enjoyed Caribbean life and after leaving St. Maarten, he moved to the BVI where he worked for Jean-Luc as Head Baker at La Baguette from 1998 to 2000. Subsequently, he returned to Normandy in France where he managed three restaurants: Mamie Renée, Restaurant du Golf d’Etretat, and Le Garde Manger.

As for Remi, his vast experience in hospitality began in his Dad’s restaurant. He remembers fondly, “I had to do the dishes at the restaurant if I wanted to spend time with my Dad!” he laughs. During this time Remi also learned a great deal about the wine industry from Sebastien, who was also a wine enthusiast.

After studying restaurant management, Remi became a waiter at Dominique Bouchet in Paris. The restaurant’s managers recognised Remi’s interest and dedication to the wine industry and offered him the role of Sommelier at the tender age of 20.

After three years in Paris, Remi moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he worked in a restaurant called Vue de Monde, alongside experienced sommeliers who taught him much more about the art of wine matching. He then returned to France and for the next two years, Remi put that knowledge to good use while working at vineyards and wineries.

In 2017 Sebastien returned to the BVI and became chairman of The French Deli and La Baguette from Jean-Luc. Life had come full circle for the family. From the start, the family’s goal was to open the Deli in a new, larger location and give the brand a refresh.

In 2020, Sebastien asked Remi if he wanted to “sell some wine in the BVI”. In June 2021 Remi joined the business, as well as Sandra who came on board as the Purchasing Manager, along with the Deli team: store manager Fatima and Arleen, Rose, Angel, Lorena, Ann, and Digna.

They achieved their goal in January of 2022, when the Deli opened in its new location just across from The Moorings Marina in Wickhams Cay II, with more space and an even vaster selection of gourmet European products.

As well as provisioning services for boats and villas across Tortola and Virgin Gorda, the French Deli always stocked only the highest-quality European products, sourced from suppliers in France, Spain, Italy, England, the Netherlands and Greece, at a price point that provides value for money.

In November, the French Deli will be teaming up with Brandywine Estate Restaurant and Grape Expectations for the Rosé All Day Event, which will showcase two of its flagship products Valrhona chocolate and Chateau Peyrassol wine.

To this day, said Remi, the chocolate desserts that Rosewood Little Dix Bay serves, use Valrhona chocolate, renowned as some of the best chocolate in the world and used by Michelin-star restaurants.

Besides indulging in some delicious treats, attendees will gain insights into sustainable winemaking practices at one of Provence’s most beloved vineyards. The Chateau Peyrassol Estate, as of the 2022 vintage, will be converting their vineyard to fully organic practices, without any use of herbicides or pesticides. This shift to organics reflects the increasing trend in French Deli wines towards sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Attendees will have a unique opportunity to sample and savour both products, as well as other offerings from the deli’s menu. The family behind French Deli firmly believes that food is something to be enjoyed, celebrated and shared with others — and it all starts with careful sourcing and quality ingredients.

The French Deli is located at the Waters Edge Building, Road Town, Tortola.
[email protected]

All the ingredients for a top-notch gourmet experience

By Claire Shefchik • Photography by Jennifer Balcombe

Grape Expectations are importers of fine international gourmet food and beverages and they are the final ingredient in the Rosé All Day experience.

Founded five years ago, Grape Expectations is operated by Nigel Keegan out of his warehouse store in Burt Point, where customers can stop by to pick up their fresh gourmet seafood including fresh salmon, tuna, king crab legs, prawns, lobster and Chilean sea bass, among many other offerings.

Nigel imports a vast range of fresh seafood for the hospitality and charter industry as well as individual customers.

Grape Expectations is one of the island’s largest provisioners for both crewed yachts, hotels and restaurants. In fact, Brandywine Estate Restaurant is a big fresh seafood customer.

When it comes to supplying the freshest seafood, Nigel has it all. From luscious mussels and the freshest salmon sourced from far and wide, to the impressive selection of frozen shrimp, scallops, king crab and other delicacies. With two planes flying in fresh produce every Tuesday and Friday, customers can be assured of the highest-quality products.

But seafood isn’t the only specialty that Nigel offers! Silver Fern Farms provides Angus grass-fed beef from New Zealand, D’Artagnan offers duck from the United Kingdom, while Joyce Farms supplies Naked Chicken and Sakura pork.

This season, Grape Expectations has even more exciting offerings. The shelves are now stocked with delicious charcuterie biscuits and grissini, savoury chutneys and onion jams, a wide selection of cured meats, English bacon, sausages and much more.

To top it off, Grape Expectations offers an impressive selection of condiments and sauces sourced from around the world, which now include the line of Bornibus condiments, olives, mustards and more, perfect for impressing guests at dinner parties or just making your everyday meals that little bit special. And finally, Nigel has a range of Nespresso coffee pods and machines for those afternoons when you just need that extra pick-me-up.

To support the influx of supplies, they are expanding their warehouse to ensure that customers have access to all desired items. Keep an eye on Grape Expectations’ website for all the new products as they become available – where you can easily order online with (free) delivery across the island. Their website is ever-changing, so if customers can’t find what they’re looking for they can ask– and the team will do their best to provide it.

For Nigel, it’s about more than just supplying high-grade ingredients—it’s about delivering consistent quality with regular supply for chefs looking for specific items. They do this with expertise and enthusiasm, always ready to accommodate any special requests, for example, fresh barramundi from Australia to A5 Wagyu beef.

“I have a good relationship with airlines, taking care to ensure our customers get the best value possible. My job entails getting in contact with the right people and attending trade shows all over the USA,” he said. “I recently visited Las Vegas, New York and Chicago – this takes up much of my time outside of regular duties. We also specialise in Asian ingredients, including sushi items, Angus grass-fed beef and Sakura pork from individual farms that hold themselves accountable for traceability and sustainability.”

On a small scale, this company is doing big things: producing a diverse portfolio of products and delivering them rapidly. The employees are always striving for excellence and looking for ways to improve. Nigel even recently flew to the UK to take a two-week cookery course! To keep up with the trends, they’re continuously shopping for new products to add to their catalog. Accessibility has been key to their success and no doubt they’ll continue being a leader in the BVI food industry.

At the Rosé All Day Event, guests will get to enjoy Grape Expectations’ extensive offerings as they indulge in a luxurious spread of some of their newest products.

Grape Expectations are Located at Burt Point in Road Town (opposite VISAR Headquarters). Open on Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

+1 284 346 9463
[email protected]

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