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Resort Fashion

Fashion is a trillion-dollar industry with thousands of resort-style brands and thousands more that are coming on stream daily. The global apparel market has grown to around $1.5 trillion leading into 2020, demonstrating that the demand for clothing, shoes and accessories is on the rise across the world. 

While COVID-19 has impacted fashion globally, the desire to stay on-trend and in style has not diminished and online sales have increased. Within our local economy, our brick and mortar stores are more important than ever, ensuring that local retail businesses thrive and continue to contribute to our overall economy. 

In our slice of paradise, we have a small taste of some of the best global brands which are all offered right here in the BVI.

TrèfleHOME – Project X

In a world of fashion, creativity always comes alive. In the BVI, resorts, style and fashion has been an ever-growing trend with new concepts, diversity and bursts of inspiration at each turn. Birthed in 2008, Trèfle, a household BVI brand has served beautiful and timeless pieces of swimwear and resort wear over the years and has offered complementing accessories that are both eye-catching and memorable. Their attention to detail and original print concept design throughout their various collections has impacted fashion and resort-style living in the most influential way. From subtle style and two-tone combinations to vibrant and dynamic pop of five or more colour-way print options are what makes each collection unique and within arm’s reach. 

On a global level, fashion is ever-changing. While style has a wide range of options with numerous brands and companies creating their space within the new year through this pandemic, everyone has now focused on how they can expand or pivot in these uncertain times. For Trèfle, one of its labels called TrèfleHOME is now entering a new market of merging fashion with food. While the label specializes in swimwear and resort wear, Kristin and her team have created an outlet within the BVI through their vision of being a multi-labelled brand that tells one story. 


Fashion for Trèfle has since expanded and their style has translated to their more recent products of chef’s jackets. The concept of curating an entire experience while vacationing in paradise is at the heart of the brand. What this looks like can be through a product, service or virtual experience that the end user would enjoy. Whether you’re a guest at your favourite resort, shopping at your favourite boutique, cooking for your guests, virtually creating an experience for your clients to enjoy or simply relaxing through one of BVI’s staycation in paradise, fashion and style goes hand in hand with what the Trèfle brand offers. 

Project X, under the TréfleHOME label, is creating custom chefs jackets in bright and breathable materials that continue to look sharp after a busy day in the kitchen. This is Gorvey A. Henry, cake designer for Gorvey Henry Cakes.


Under its label TrèfleHOME, Project X offers custom chef jackets using original design concepts that each chef can wear for both public and private guests. 

“In my world, fashion and paradise go hand-in-hand. There are no limits to what can be achieved when you love what you do,” said designer Kristin Frazer. 

A chef’s profession is art with an indirect vision of style and fashion. Kristin and her team can experiment and combine fresh looks, a tailored fit and breathable materials that when combined, tell a great story. Project X ensures that each chef coat always looks sharp — even after many hours of work. 

The standard white chef coat has become a lesser norm and bold but rich colours like Fuschia, Stone Washed Denim, Royal, Charcoal, Purple along with new intricate chef jacket styles have made big impressions in modern restaurants and for private chef sessions in the BVI and throughout the Caribbean. A play on minimalism but sometimes borderlining bold, beauty is where the brand’s custom chef jackets meet each client. 

“Fashion is a word that stretches across all forms of life, so it was natural for me to focus on something that I specialized in during my senior days of attending the BVI High School(now re-named Elmore Stoutt High School). If one were to ask me if I could’ve seen myself where I am today back then, I would say…..I sure can!” Frazer continues. “The only thing that has changed during my experiences as a creative and path leading to my career is time. I couldn’t be more excited to extend my fashion style to those that show so much passion for their craft in the kitchen!”

Project X has an unmatched service that caters to the specific needs of each client in creating custom jackets that would spark conversations and ignite a room with its electrifying prints. No two jackets are the same and the process is swift from concept to completion. Made locally with love, we invite you to this fresh take on fashion with TrèfleHOME Project X and extend BVILove to a brand that continues to redefine fashion – Project X style!

If you’re looking to entertain guests, have virtual video chef sessions or if you are simply ready to take your cooking style to another level in fashion, TrèfleHOME under the Project X label is ready to serve. 


Contact Trèfle:

e-mail: [email protected]

Instagram handle: @treflehomebvi



NAMI Resort & Swim

Effortless. Comfortable. Luxury. Those are the words that define a new space in the resort-style fashion community within the British Virgin Islands. Launched in late 2020, NAMI Resort & Swim was founded by Stacy France and offers accessories, swimwear and resort-wear that are chic and minimalistic, yet bold in solids and prints. Captivating and stylish in décor, NAMI brings a new vision to the boutique that can be matched with the finest boutiques in the world. NAMI means “waves” in Japanese and was used as the platform for the brand through their love of Japanese culture and style. Based in Road Town Tortola, the new boutique embraced fashion and style through world travel and cultural experiences. 

With fashion being so diverse yet definitive, bringing their passion for style and in-depth research of what products were going to be offered was quite a journey, and the brand was born. 

“After living in Canada, my partner and I travelled the world and I always loved fashion so naturally, a boutique was the next step. I wanted to make the store different and I realized that so many people visit the BVI and pay thousands of dollars to enjoy our paradise while we enjoy it for free, so why not enjoy it by dressing in something luxurious?” said NAMI founder Stacy France. BVI lovers and locals alike can enjoy a one-stop shopping experience and enjoy a fresh take on fashion from pieces from around the world. With such diversity, you can easily create your own style and head-to-toe look that you will enjoy. 

As you enter the store, you are captivated by its interior detail and décor. The ambience and setting of the space with its products and accessories on all-white walls and visual imagery of sand and an “in-house” beach chic scene create an international shopping experience in paradise. NAMI’s multi-wear options and storytelling of each brand available are top-notch with quantities that are “just enough” to every customer that enters.

I believe that the fashion industry is always changing for the different seasons, but as for swimwear and resort wear for spring and summer, it always brings back key pieces, styles and cuts which I consider timeless. Here at NAMI, we offer those pieces, which are high quality, chic and timeless,” said France.

This resort-style fashion boutique offers international brands that all tell their own story. These brands include:

Juan de Dios: This Colombian brand is known for its flare, colour, prints and 2-in-1 bathing suits. This brand is also sustainable and considered an outwear brand that can be dressed up or down with jeans or trousers. It’s always great to find swimwear that you can purchase with 2-in-1 concepts and design!

Montce: This USA-based brand that offers more conservative styles that are girly, full of prints and simply “très chic”! You’re sure to look stunning in this sustainable brand!

BFYNE: Known for their bold and tribal print designs for women, this brand offers high-quality African prints and swim designs that are for bold, confident and sexy women.

Charlie Holiday: Offering natural fibres in clothing and cover-ups like cotton and linen, Charlie Holiday offers pieces that are effortless in style. This line can be dressed up or down and can be worn across a variety of occasions.

NAMI: The NAMI brand was designed locally and offers resort-style pieces that are easy to wear, comfortable and breathable with size offerings that fit most body types. 

Guadalupe Designs: This Columbian brand is known for tunics and coupled with modern prints that speak to a wide array of women. This brand offers 100% cotton designs that look and feel good on any body type. 

Myra Swim: This Australian swimwear brand offers neutral palette colours and buttery soft fabric with high cuts that are inspired by the 90s. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Jordan Woods, Lori Harvey all wear these designs. If your fashion style caters to a more neutral and simpler palette, this can be your next favourite swim piece from NAMI. 

Erika Peña: Designer Erica Peña is originally from Puerto Rico but currently resides in Bali and offers 100% cotton pieces that should automatically be in your travel bag for your next staycation or vacation. Each piece fits like a dream and the earth tone colours along with the flowing movements in each dress available creates long-lasting impressions.

No outfit is complete without an accessory to compliment or match. NAMI is especially proud to have the accessory brand Mar y Sol from Madagascar. This product line offers bags and hats made from straw and raffia, with each piece being made by hand by women in Madagascar. NAMI currently offers a percentage of the proceeds from each sale that goes to Madagascar to assist the women that make each product. 

NAMI tells a beautiful story with each piece and brand offered through opportunities of mix and match styles that all compliment each other. NAMI is the perfect combination of showing BVILove and support to a boutique that has created an international standard of beauty in products, interior décor, style, fashion, visual art and detail to all those who enter the store. This is the life of fashion in the BVI and this is the experience that NAMI has created for you. Your one-stop shop begins and ends with NAMI Resort & Swim – for effortless, comfortable and luxurious style. 

Contact NAMI Resort & Swim:

e-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: @namibvi

Facebook: @nami resort & swim


Let’s go on a journey to a special place that features beautifully designed and hand-crafted items from around the world. For more than two decades, Arawak has been the one-stop-shop Caribbean lifestyle store for locals and visitors alike. 

Each Arawak store is a true island lifestyle experience – with boutiques located in Nanny Cay, Soper’s Hole and Leverick Bay, a home interiors store at Road Reef, Road Town and a brand new hybrid lifestyle store in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda you will find a diverse array of fashion brands for ladies, kids and men plus shoes, jewellery and accessories, kids games and toys, gifts, and home interior items.

Arawak offers some of the best resort and swim brands found anywhere in the world while carefully curating looks that complement various body types and ensuring diversity and inclusivity among the wider community. Some of these brands include:

Maaji Swim: This deluxe Colombian brand boasts on its beautiful print concepts and colour-blocking combinations. Offering reversible suits in whimsical patterns and comfortable fabrics, its products and its socially and environmentally conscious mission makes this Colombian beachwear label unique. 

Seafolly: Born out of Australia, this luxury label offers tailored swim that caters to a wide range of women that love a great fit, comfort and style.

Roxy: This multi-product line started out in swimwear and was instantly a success! Now offering sportswear and other areas of apparel, Roxy is now a global lifestyle brand, offering products for every aspect of the active girl’s life. The key ingredient of Roxy products is that inimitable Roxy spirit. “Daring, confident, naturally beautiful, fun, alive: Roxy”.

Accessories are often the last thing on someone’s mind when putting an entire fashion look together, but it is crucial to the complete look and can make or break your day/night outing. Arawak has explored this category well with simple yet timeless styles from brands that you are sure to love:

Havaianas: Everyone loves a great pair of Havaianas flip flops! These are simply a must-have for the beach. They are comfortable and durable and available in many different, funky styles and patterns for men and women.

Quicksilver: Quicksilver is the brother company to Roxy and offers a wide range of accessories and other products for men that are classic with products that ever go out of style!

Reef: Offering slippers and other great accessory products is a brand that has stayed consistent with its mission and style. 

Has your interest been piqued as of yet? To add to the flavourful selections of fashion brands, Arawak also offers local brands and other great items that are right at your fingertips. At every location, you will find that one piece that melts your heart.


Contact Arawak

e-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +1 284 494 5240

Instagram Handle: @arawakbvi

Facebook Handle: @arawakbvi


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