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Reflecting on a Good Year

SUPER YACHT - Necker Belle


REFLECTION is arguably the most positive perspective one can take in viewing the month of September when the BVI environment changes into one conducive toward perfect meditation conditions.

More commonly known as a ‘ghost-town’ at this point in time, multiple BVI establishments and services shut down for a breather and a noticeable mass of residents seek vacation, either for relaxation, a cure for the infamous ‘island fever’, re-acquaintance with family and friends abroad, or all three at the same time – by the way, just in case you’re curious, island fever isn’t some fierce, flesh-eating disease; it’s simply a term used to define the necessity to travel off island with the intention of resurrecting the great appreciation we have for this location.

For those remaining here, tranquillity is the gift to enjoy with considerably less motorists on the roads, generally quieter activity on the streets, and the closure of many businesses.

With the concept of reflection in mind, September’s VIPY magazine does precisely that with a listing of the best articles of the Skipper’s Tips column from throughout the year, a look at the enjoyment in real life ‘staycation’ in residing at Cooper Island Beach Club, and below, congratulations to all the winners of our more interactive segments of the magazine.

A huge highlight this month is in our Yacht Spotlight column, where we took great pleasure in reviewing one of the BVI’s most famous yachts, Necker Belle—renowned entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson’s luxurious catamaran.

In this quiet month of thoughtfulness, we are sadly saying farewell to aLookingGlass’s Senior Graphic Designer Scott Taylor and his family, Dawn, Cooper and Sawyer, who are leaving the island for greener pastures.

Although we are extremely moved by Scott’s departure, we wish him all the best and in reflection, are appreciative that we had the pleasure of knowing him, and fortunate that we will still have his incredible skills at our disposal, keeping the magazine fresh and innovative.


In closing, we impart our opinion to take a much deserved break during this quiet time in preparation for the next busy season that will commence in October.

Stephen L France

PS – Congratulations to Tim Reilly from Chicago for winning the Arawak Interiors’ Reader Giveaway of heirloom boat wood chairs valued at RRP$1,050

Applause for Malcolm Boyes of London, England for winning the Sharky’s Cantina $100 Bar Tab Giveaway

And well done to Connillia Williams of Virgin Gorda, BVI and Chris Curran of St Louis, US for the correct answers in the Virgin Islands Life: Can You Guess the 13 Islands – photos by Antilles Helicopters. With the amount of correct entries we had from individuals guessing all 13 islands in this competition, we decided to randomly pick two winners as opposed to one to receive two bottles of wine each.

Erin Paviour-Smith

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