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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Part III

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

In our two previous articles, we highlighted the power we have in our own hands to ‘Reduce’ and ‘Reuse’ our waste materials for a healthier BVI.

Let’s now explore how best to ‘Recycle.’ Individuals, community groups, government, schools, businesses, and others all have an important role to play in this critical aspect of ‘greening’ our future.

Let’s take a look at how collaborations and innovations are helping us get us off on the right foot as we seek to manage our waste materials better and turn our trash into treasure.

Recycling Bins “Ready to Receive”

Attractive, locally-designed and built recycling bins made from old pallets are now “ready to receive” clean plastics, glass, and cans. Before year’s end, recycling bins will be available throughout Virgin Gorda, at schools, businesses, on Pockwood Pond in Tortola and—hopefully—on the sister islands.

Where Do Recyclables Go?

Currently, glass is crushed on Virgin Gorda and used for construction and landscaping. Aluminium and certain plastics are baled then sent off-island. On Tortola, turning plastic into polywood for outdoor furniture and items such as recycling bins, is soon coming online.

Collaboration Works!

With support from Unite BVI for recycling equipment and human resources, Green VI has begun extending recycling efforts to Tortola. Green VI has procured a collection truck that will be used by the Department of Waste Management to collect recyclables from school, community, and government bins on Tortola, and assist in transferring materials to recyclers.

Also, a National Recycling Committee has been established, bringing together the Department of Waste Management, Ministry of Natural Resources, the Tourist Board, BVI Finance, local recyclers, sponsors, and other stakeholders to help create the unity of purpose needed for recycling success.

Businesses Step Up for the Greater Good

In collaboration with the Department of Conservation, Green VI is well along the way for implementation of a Green Pledge & Certification Programme. The Programme helps businesses adopt best green practices, achieve goals for Green Certification, and eventually attain Green Leadership status.

A major part of taking the Green Pledge is a contribution to the Recycling Fund that Green VI administers, which is used to support recycling systems in green businesses, collection and movement of recyclables, and outreach activities required to make the system work territory-wide.

What Can You Do?

  • Separate your plastic, glass, and aluminium waste
  • Rinse it clean and deposit it in a Recycling Bin
  • Encourage others to Recycle
  • Support businesses who are “going green”
  • Continue to Reduce & Reuse by taking your own shopping bags to the store, buying only what you need, using reusable water bottles, joining in with clean ups, ‘greening’ your events, and composting
  • Go to greenvi.org for more tips or download the App that updates residents and visitors on what can be recycled and where

‘Waste Management’ is ‘Materials Management’

As many countries around the world embrace redefining ‘Waste Management’ with ‘Materials Management,’ Green VI continues with our 10-year journey to advocate the same.

Check out greenvi.org for insight into how this redefinition opens up a whole new area of products, businesses, and jobs for our Territory, and how/why generating energy from the sun and wind is great for the BVI, while creating energy from waste is not as good an idea as some folks think.

Photography courtesy of Green VI

Charlotte McDevitt

Charlotte McDevitt

Executive Director at Green VI
Charlotte is the executive director of Green VI, a non-profit organisation that works toward a greener, cleaner and healthier BVI, finding balance between development and conservation of the natural environment.
Charlotte McDevitt
Charlotte McDevitt

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