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Photo Adventure – Living the Virgin Islands Life

Shakti Segura
Adventurer by heart, Shakti’s passion for photography started in 1997 with a Nikon F1 35mm SLR Camera. When she started travelling in her native Mexico, she discovered the pure joy of telling a story with an image. Film photography made her see the light and colour of the world in a different way. Shakti uses photography to capture little moments on this huge planet. Landscapes, water, love...Shakti is a spy of the world.
Shakti Segura

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Fun & Sun on a Mono Run

The single-hull boat, the monohull is perhaps the most popular boat design today. From the very small to the biggest in the world, they are fascinating. We like to sail, feel the wind, relax or enjoy an adventure. We are all in the same boat. Enjoy these yachts sailing in our beautiful Caribbean Waters.

See you here!

Go out with friends! Be a passenger!

Learning the Basics

One day you may compete – fun times in 2014 Dark & Stormy Regatta

Classic boats

Charter a boat, experience the 60 islands of adventure

Landscape anchoring

Strange passenger....

More strange passengers, termites!

Opti Youth Sailing - kids practice

Calm blue waters like no other place

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