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Visiting Peter Island for the first time


A Tourist in My Own Town

Photography courtesy of Peter Island

The outer islands – you can’t beat the experience – case in point. My first visit to Peter…

Sat in my office, banging away at the keyboard for the next property feature, we had a guest enter requesting to talk to us about BVI Newbie.

An employee of Peter Island Resort and Spa, she was looking at the prospect of advertising and kindly extended an invitation for me to try the Peter Island Spa experience. At this point, I had never visited Peter Island and being the hermit I can sometimes be, I had no strong intention or passion to take up this offer.

Peter Island  (4)



After she left the office, I sat in my chair and turned to aLG Graphic Designer Scott Taylor, telling him, “I might go, but not sure if I have time for this.”

“Go,” he said with his Scottish accent emphasising just how important it was and is for people to experience the outer islands. “You must go and do it. Do it, or I will,” he continued as he got up to grab some water from our machine.

It was with reluctance—and I say ‘reluctance’ as a hindsight confession of my foolishness—that I decided to take up the offer.

Peter Island  (10)

Arriving at the ferry dock in the afternoon, the entire experience felt like I was going on a vacation from start to finish. The reality of the scenario is I was taking a 20 minute ferry ride from Tortola’s Baugher’s Bay dock to another isle within the British Virgin Islands, but herein lies the magic; as a resident in the BVI, this short distance can transport you from ‘real life’…work, paying rent, electricity and water bills, responsibilities, to holiday bliss.

Crossing the waters and landing in Peter Island, this location has the effect often described as a lightness; as if a weight has been lifted off you. The island itself appears brighter and the welcoming staff at the dock transfer a feeling of luxury.

Peter Island Resort

A short journey on the island’s multiple transport vehicles and I was on the other side of Peter, ready to receive my spa treatment. Of course this comes with all the anticipated amenities – a robe, flip flops, your own locker, and a very attractive rest room I must say.

Now, as a man, obviously spa treatments are slightly frowned upon. It’s seen as not a masculine thing to do – even in our current days of metro-sexuality, but I say this to all the fellas: Put aside your ego and get down to this spa, because it isn’t just a spa treatment – the complex offers an experience like no other.

The Spa treatment itself—reflexology—was first class as was expected and having the complex pretty much to myself since it was slow season was also very pleasant. A pool, Jacuzzi, steam room – all at my discretion.

Peter Island  (9)

After the spa complex, I walked to the beach and indulged further with one of their burgers. Their beach restaurant was supreme and coming back from the island, I couldn’t help but feel like I had just spent a holiday – it was a good feeling, but of course the holiday blues kicked in as I alighted in Tortola.

As a resident or visitor, this is another highly recommended excursion to try. It is a very therapeutic and pleasant venture.

Erin Paviour-Smith

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