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Off the Beaten Path: Unique Caribbean Beaches to Explore

Break out of your normal beach routine with these unique Caribbean locations

White sand is great, but spending a day on one of these beaches is something you’ve never experienced before! Millions of people flock to the Caribbean each year to experience balmy weather, breathtaking scenery and a relaxing day on the sand. While there are hundreds of beaches to choose from, these unique spots are a quite different from your run-of-the-mill water and sand combination.

  1. Big Major Cay (Pig Beach), Bahamas


    Image via When On Earth

    Located in Exuma in the Bahamas, you’ll find a beautiful beach waiting just for you. While the island is uninhabited by humans, you’ll find wild pigs here that love to swim just as much as the next visitor. These large pigs can often be seen frolicking in the calm, clear water and may even join you for a swim!

  2. The Pink beach on Harbor Island


    The Pink beach on Harbor Island is one of the greatest wonders in the world. It boasts of 3 miles of pink sands and gentle waters.The sands look magical in the setting sun and the scene is a real delight for the photo enthusiasts. The ocean waters remain warm and calm making it ideal for swimming at any time of the year.

  3. Black Point Beach, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    black point collage

    Images via Travel Weekly and Panoramio

    If you’re a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you’ll love seeing this unique beach which is one of the filming sites, located on St. Vincent. Black Point Beach is covered in black volcanic sand, and is also home to a tunnel more than 300 feet long. This tunnel was used centuries ago to transport goods during the times of the thriving sugar industry on the islands.

  4. Bathsheba, Barbados

    Image by Susan Seubert/National Geographic Society

    The rugged east coast of Barbados features the Soup Bowl, a world-renowned surfing destination and the home of Bathsheba Beach. This unique site hosts huge, alien-like rock formations that look like they were placed carefully by giants, but are actually ancient pieces of coral reef!

  5. Mermaid’s Chair, St. Thomas

    mermaids chair

    Image via HomeAway


    For the adventurous traveler, St. Thomas offers a secluded and completely unique beach experience. Located on the far west end of the island inside a private gated community, the stretch of sand known as Mermaid’s Chair is about a mile hike down a mostly paved road. What makes this short beach unique is that you can relax in near solitude with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other.

  6. Eleven Mile Beach, Barbuda

    Antigua’s tiny sister island, Barbuda, seems far away from the “real world.” The beautiful Eleven Mile beach separates the Barbuda lagoon from the Caribbean Sea. Tiny shells make this sand look pink, and is a striking colour next to the turquoise water.

Sara Sherman
Sara Sherman is a former St. Thomas resident and the editor of Virgin Islands Property & Yacht.
Sara Sherman

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