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Make Your Home Smarter

When it comes to home automation, the technology available keeps expanding at top speed. As internet speeds in the BVI continue to upgrade it is possible for every device in your home to be controlled remotely, using your smartphone or other device. Here are some really cool ways to bring your home or rental property into the new era of home tech!

Smart Home Hub

Devices like Amazon’s Echo – powered by the voice-assisted Alexa – can do a number of things for nearly any room in the home. From turning on a lamp to setting a reminder to check the oven, these home hubs and controllers can make life easier. There are a number of home hub options, including Google Home, Wink Hub and of course, Amazon Echo. The key to choosing a system is making sure it can connect to all of the devices you want to be able to control.

Locks and Security Systems


Whether you want to feel your home is secure when you’re away or you own rental properties that you want to keep tabs on, smart home technology is revolutionizing home security and surveillance. In addition to more traditional security cameras that can be viewed via smartphone or tablet, new technologies are making it possible to lock and unlock doors, see who is ringing the doorbell and even protect your home from fires.


Especially appealing to rental villa owners, being able to remotely control a home’s comfort systems can not only create a better guest experience but can potentially help save money. Monitoring a home’s temperature with a smart thermostat can ensure rental guests aren’t cranking the AC while no one is home and being able to raise and lower blinds or window shades with an app adds to the “cool factor” of a vacation villa.

Lighting can also be controlled via smartphone. With products like smart lightbulbs that allow you to change their colour or dim them to a preferred level and lights that turn on when someone enters the room, nearly every aspect of home comfort can be controlled remotely. Don’t forget the robotic vacuum!


The kitchen can be a hub of activity, so it’s no surprise that technology is finding its way into the heart of the home. Smart refrigerators can do everything from telling you the weather to show you what’s inside without opening the door. Smaller appliances like slow cookers, coffee makers and food scales can also tell you when food is ready, make coffee without you touching a button and measure the appropriate amounts of ingredients.


It’s no secret that TVs are becoming smarter and smarter, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to control other entertainment areas with a smartphone. Choose music and volume with Amazon’s Alexa or start a movie from the couch on a smart projector or universal remote. Pool lighting and temperature can be controlled with a few taps on a tablet, and an outdoor firepit could be ready for guests without ever needing to leave the party.


Aside from all the “fun” things smart home technology can do, it can also benefit the homeowner when it comes to maintaining features and systems in the home. A robotic pool cleaner can cut down the need for manual maintenance, while a smart sprinkler controller can keep trees and plants looking great while you’re away on vacation.

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