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Made with LOVE

These hand made luggage labels are a sweet Christmas gift and fun to make!

Luggage label gift tag

A gift tag doesn’t have to be just for Christmas, a personalised home made one will be used for years to come on lunch boxes, pencil cases and even suitcases alike. You will need: Cotton fabric, embroidery threads, embroidery hoop eyelets, ribbon, pencil, scissors, needle, sewing machine (but you can make it by hand sewing)


  • Draw an outline of the gift tag on the cotton fabric. Write the name very lightly in pencil in the centre of the tag then draw on the holly. Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop.
  • Sew a running stitch over the name then sew the embroidery thread through the stitching from the top so you are moving in and out till the letters are clear.
  • Sew the holly leaves a deep green colour with bright red berries.
  • Remove the luggage label from the embroidery hoop.
  • Cut out a second luggage label from the fabric and lay it directly over the embroidered piece. Pin in place then cut out the original tag. Sew around the outside edge leaving the top side open. Trim the hems and corners then turn the fabric through to the right side. Iron with a cool heat to make sure the tag lies flat. Sew up the open end then iron that too.
  • Use an eyelet punch kit to make the hole in the top of the gift tag. Thread ribbon through the eyelet and adorn your gift.

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