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Lobster Love

Contemporary culinary enthusiasts know that when it comes to seafood, lobster is king.

The pugnacious crustacean has enjoyed varied reputations throughout history. Now prized the world over for its tender, succulent meat, the humble lobster hasn’t always been so beloved.

Historical records tell us that the American colonists viewed the creature—which washed up on the beach in piles—as garbage food, suitable only for prisoners and indentured servants.

Thankfully, we’ve since reformed our collective palate, and these days, lobster is in the spotlight again as the delicacy du jour.

As a result of last year’s mega storms which swept away most commercial lobster traps, the Virgin Islands are now well-stocked for your next gourmet dinner. These days, VI lobsters happily roam the reefs, scuttling, fighting, and procreating with no natural predators in sight.

Free divers exploring local reefs have delightfully discovered an unusually high number of monster-sized lobsters living beneath dark ledges. This extraordinary abundance presents charter yacht chefs the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills with local specialities; lobster salad with farm fresh micro-greens, lobster ceviche with avocado mousse, or the modern yet decadent surf-n-turf.

To integrate this year’s lobster abundance into a cruising experience, imagine drinking cocktails on board your charter yacht at the flybridge bar while your crew dive into the water to catch your dinner. Or, if you’re a little more adventurous, join them, lobster snare in hand, and return home at the end of your trip with a belly full of lobster, and a fantastic story to share with your friends.

Lobster-lovers out there should plan their next charter around this year’s Lobster Festival in Anegada, November 24-25, 2018.

This annual culinary event will showcase local chefs, who will prepare and serve sample lobster dishes at participating restaurants on the island. Give your charter chef the day-off and rent a car to explore, sip, and taste all of the wonderful delights, lobster and otherwise, that the island has to offer.

Photography by CYI Charters and Tanya Theron—M/Y Irresistible

Lauren Hodgins
Lauren is a crewed yacht charter broker based on St. Thomas, USVI. Working in the industry since 2004 and sailing over 8,000 nautical miles to date, Lauren now heads Caribbean Yachts International. www.CYIcharters.com
Lauren Hodgins

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