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Life Coaching Arrives in the BVI


Actualising Acquisition of Affluence

Photography courtesy of Lynda Reid

Leadership and Life Coaching, a practice that has met the world with extreme popularity, has finally arrived on a permanent basis in the BVI.

In collaboration with local company Smith & Associates and a NeuroLeadership Group Professional Certified Coach, Kusala LLC now provides coaching and consulting support to individuals and businesses seeking to progress beyond their current status quo and realise their potential.

Utilising the most innovative and effective neuroscience approaches to shift ingrained perceptions and manifest positive changes, the company aims to grant clients the opportunity to advance in their life and business goals.

Attending a class in The Evolution of You Workshop Series titled Making Time for Success last month, I enjoyed the experience; hearing the professional perceptions of the workshop coordinator Dr Lynda Reid and the concepts of fellow attendees, we discussed actions in lifestyle improvement with the purpose of fulfilling powerful objectives.

Once a sceptic, but now a full supporter of the Life Coaching methodology, I was pleased to see its arrival in the BVI; however, I was inquisitive about Dr Reid’s plans to incorporate these theories in Virgin Islands’ lifestyle and more poignantly, how the life coach would assist her clients in actualising realisation of their fantasy property or idyllic yacht here in the Territory.

Talking to Lynda, who is an EdD in Multicultural Leadership, RPCC (Results Professionally Coach Certified with the NeuroLeadership Group), and ACC (Associate Coach Certified with the International Coaching Federation), she revealed her strategy for paving the way to a healthy and fulfilled life.



Explaining that the BVI is a location that excavates the most positive emotions from visitors and residents, Lynda said her approach is to harness those feelings and assist clients in sustaining them. Her first motion is to present a new line of questions that the individual may not have contemplated.

“One of the biggest things is just recognising, ‘what is it you’re feeling?’ And ‘why is it that way?’ And then ‘how can you take that home?’” she said, presenting some of the questions that initiate the fresh course of deliberation for clients.

“It’s all about being consciously aware of the ‘what’s’, the ‘why’s’, and the how’s and setting up small actions to build that into your life,” Lynda continued in translating her procedure.

“I don’t make people change,” she said, in comprehension that the process requires the clients’ desire to improve their lives. “I can’t change the sceptics. It’s their choice, but I know after speaking to many people in the BVI, that this is needed here and coaching is a growing profession worldwide.”


Delving deeper into the psychology and philosophy supporting Dr Reid’s techniques, she promotes the idea of ‘taking home a new perspective.’

“Many of us stay locked in our traditional patterns of thought…unless we consciously take actions over time,” she said. “It takes three months for us to learn a new habit to change the way we see, do and perceive things.”

Due to the BVI’s serene disposition and awe-inspiring environment, Lynda explained that there is a great opportunity to break the hardwire tendencies in our minds: “Taking home a new perspective refers to those of us who open ourselves to seeing things through a new lens…and consciously choose to work to maintain that positive shift once they return home.”

Using a very simple and comprehendible analogy about physical clutter, Lynda highlighted that: “The ‘barriers’ are…perspectives that form the way we see the world and respond to others…think of your closet…how many things are in there that you’ve never touched or don’t even know you have?

Physically we create clutter in our lives – we have stuff that doesn’t suit us anymore, that’s not in style…mental hardwiring is the same way – we have these beliefs about ourselves that don’t [suit us anymore].”


“As a coach, I assist people in…breaking down those unconscious barriers…allowing them to clarify their goals and take step-by-step actions to achieve those goals.

“What inevitably comes up for each client is recognition of the thoughts that are limiting or blocking their ability to create positive change in their lives. It is those insights that we use in the coaching process to break down barriers…asking ‘does that suit you?’ ‘Do you still need that?’ thereby rewriting thoughts and setting actions for creating positive change.”

Concluding, Dr Reid relayed her passion for her vocation declaring her humility in watching individuals and their evolution. “Coaching presents a great opportunity,” she said. “…people are able to explore themselves in ways that they have yet to consciously acknowledge and…they can make that positive change happen.”

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