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Less Bath, More Zen

Have you ever imagined walking into a clean, crisp, uncluttered bathroom? No laundry baskets with clothing and towels spilling over the floor, no rows of hair and body products all over the vanity – it sounds heavenly.

Have no fear, you can make this happen. With a little bit of spring cleaning and a bucket full of willpower you can get rid of those non-essential items, expired medications and out-of-date clutter.

Having a minimalist approach to any room – but especially in the kitchen and the bathroom – will provide more space, allow you to be better organised and enable you to reduce the inventory of things that you think you need, but really don’t. The end result will be more practical, efficient and pleasing to the eye.

Minimalism is all about having what is necessary and required, but no more.

Using the mantras “less is more” and “a place for everything and everything in its place”,  be inspired to de-clutter and start afresh.


Minimalism in the Bath

Start by discarding any unwanted and expired products. Most of us tend to collect and accumulate a lot of different bathroom products and medications which are way past their use by date.

Next, be better organised with the essentials that you do need in every bathroom. Using clear storage jars for things such as cotton buds, face pads and hairpins will keep such items ready at hand, easy to find and organised instead of scattered all over the vanity.

Keep those potpourri pots for another room – they don’t suit a minimalist bathroom and the contents tend to collect dust. The look you want to create is clean and straightforward with minimal fussiness. Since a bathroom is usually the smallest room in most homes, having a lot of items in it will make the room look too cluttered, small and difficult to use efficiently.


If you must have some decorative pieces in your bathroom try making it simple and add something that will bring some charm and add character to your bathroom. Pictures, prints or even photos on the walls are a good way to brighten space that would normally be unused.

Wall tiles are a necessity in some areas of the bathroom, like the shower or as a splashback behind the vanity. But they are an obvious way to brighten up a small sometimes dark space or enhance a sometimes dull and neglected area of your home. When using tile for the floors, always make sure they are non-slip and easy to clean, avoid rugs or mats as they will get dirty quickly and they can harbour germs and mildew unless cleaned regularly.


If you are going to paint any of the walls in your bathroom, be realistic when choosing colours. If there isn’t a lot of natural light available or if it is a relatively small space, you should lean towards lighter colours or shades. Darker colours will make the room feel small and more claustrophobic and absorb what little light there is.

Using a monotone colour scheme can appear boring at first but white is the colour that represents fresh, clean and cool to most people.

For obvious reasons, we have to clean the bathroom more than any other room in the house for health and sanitary reasons. Using lighter colours will make this tedious chore easier and the end result more rewarding.

Now that you have a more organised space with less cleaning and more importantly a positive approach to minimalism, why not get inspired and start the minimalist look in another room. Beginning with a small room will give you the experience of moving to another space in your home.

Go ahead, give it a go and see what you are capable of achieving.


Morgana Tilling

Morgana Tilling

Morgana is a key member of Smiths Gore's team, running a portfolio of exclusive villa rental properties. With years of experience in luxury hospitality, she works to ensure clients experience the very best of the BVI.
Morgana Tilling

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