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Top 10 luxury features for your superyacht

When we see an astonishingly beautiful super yacht coast along the water, we stare in awe at its incredible size and deluxe exterior. We know that whoever owns these beauties must have a bit of money in the bank and like to splurge on flashy gadgets and expensive commodities. However, we don’t know, really, just how ostentatious they can be and what crazy features can be found on board.

  1. Fitness Centres

    As owners love the visual appeal of a stunning, eye-catching boat, many are equally as tentative on maintaining their personal attractive physiques. Fitness centres are common on luxury yachts equipped with a variety of machines and weight stations, but unlike most gyms, they offer beautiful views out to the scenic blue water. display-1434662103Alfa nero 22pydR50S9mL7lAUz6Ih_benetti-veloce-140-cheers-46-yacht-gym-1920x1080

  2. Gardens

    It’s not uncommon for yachts to pick up orders of fresh flowers when at port, however, Stella Maris features a glass-enclosed, vertical garden that extends between the main deck and the level above. Greenery is made possible at any time of year and during extended time at sea, for a feel of land while travelling in the open ocean on board Reborn’s tropical deck garden. Superyacht Reborn - The Tropical Deck Garden_1

  3. English Style Pub

    In place of a traditional lounge setting, yachts Hampshire II and Kamaxitha contain classy English Pubs for their guests to grab a pint of lager or indulge in traditional pub fare. Yws52J6nReit0Ne1J5D7_Kamaxitha-luxury-sailing-yacht-bar-640x360

  4. Sports Courts

    For the yacht owner who enjoys land activities as much as they love the sea, sports courts are an option to utilise the expansive deck area. Some flagship super yachts such as Fountainhead, Tatoosh and Octopus feature impressive setups equipped to play basketball, tennis, or even football on deck, surrounded by nets to prevent balls going overboard. superyacht-design-Mushashi-sports-court

  5. Missile Defence System

    As a super yacht owner, maybe you’ve stepped on a few toes along your journey to make the big bucks. So to maximise your personal security, why not equip your vessel with its own defence system? Azzam, the world’s largest motor yacht built at a cost of $605 million, contains a military-grade missile defence system and its own submarine for a quick getaway should you be attacked. Superyacht-AZZAM-launched-by-Lurssen-©Klaus-Jordan130405-606

  6. Zipline

    Unique to the 78 ft super yacht, guests of Hampshire II can experience the ultimate way to plummet into the water: whizzing down a zip line! In order to ride, the guests must take the yacht’s elevator up to the crows nest. HampshireII

  7. Spas

    Who wants to wait to arrive on the mainland for a relaxing massage or soothing skin treatment when you can have it on board your personal vessel? Christina O is fitted with a deluxe turkish bath made from 60 tons of marble. Other yachts also contain saunas, steam rooms, and full-service hair salons. 2qBk3qoTQa2qAEByY2Hj_serene-yacht-spa-pool-1920x1080

  8. Nightclub

    Who said you need to go to shore to find a good party? Mystery Shadow is the ultimate boat for the owner who loves to entertain, as the vessel contains its own disco, complete with laser lights, smoke machines, and a disco ball. All you need to do is to hire the DJ and invite a bunch of party guests! Numptia-23-big Superyacht PEGASUS V (ex PRINCESS MARIANA) -  Disco

  9. Casinos

    It’s no secret that luxury yacht owners like to take chances to increase their money, which is why the idea of a casino on board appeals to many billionaires. Yacht Islands proposed a giant casino city mega-yacht concept called “The Streets of Monaco”. Many private yacht owners have also installed gambling rooms on their personal vessels, such as Blue Sky, which has a special room to play Mahjong. 7

  10. IMAX Theatres


    The world renowned superyacht designer, Ken Freivokh, and yacht communications purveyor, Yacht Intelligence, have worked together on a plan for a mystery owner’s private super yacht: an IMAX Theatre. Not only will the theatre be able to play the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies on the trademark IMAX dual 4k projection screen, but it can also show live footage of the sea creatures around the yacht on its live underwater camera. Underwater-Theater-on-a-Superyacht-1

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