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BVI Fashion Designer Hits the US!


BVI Fashion Designer Hits the US – Introducing Kristin Frazer

Photography by Garrett Holmes

BVI born Kristin Frazer is breaking boundaries.

With an ambitious nature and a name that has a certain celebrity ring to it, she is undoubtedly living up to her dreams with the success she is wielding in the world of designer fashion.

Featured in international, regional, and local magazines such as Marie Claire, Ebony, Essence, SHE Caribbean Magazine, The Welcome, POSH Magazine, and e-Woman Magazine, Kristin has a clear destiny for greatness in the universe of fashionable clothing.

Recently speaking to Kristin about her latest excursion to the US and her great accomplishments, she began by explaining that her company Trèfle Designs was named because the word ‘Trèfle’ is French for Clover like a Clover’s leaf.



Capitol Hill


“It represents my late grandmother Mrs Clover Anthony who is the heart of the brand,” said the fashion designer, further elaborating on the chosen name.

Focusing on luxury swimwear and resort-wear for women and children, her numerous reviewers express that her creations are evolving as a brand of class.

In discussion of her trip to Washington DC, US for the Caribbean Style and Culture 2014 Awards, she explained that the organisation supporting this—Karib Nation Inc.—is a non-profit company promoting Caribbean-owned businesses in the US. The event highlights individuals and their remarkable contributions to the Caribbean region’s culture and the fashion industry.

Kristin participated in a number of events on this significant trip with the finale being receipt of her award. No stranger to travelling, her experience has carried her to the US before, to Europe, to all areas of the Caribbean, to South America and beyond.

Bahamas Consulate Reception

“Each country had a unique part to play in the development of my brand,” said Kristin. “Whether it be a collector’s item, a monument, a painting, my overall interaction with people of the different cultures, or the general sense of excitement that comes from going to a place you’ve never been.”

Inspired by several life-changing elements—her talents in school such as Theatre Arts, Fashion Design, Journalism and Music, and time spent with her grandmother and mother sewing, draping and patternmaking—fashion design became her passion; nevertheless, she has remained flexible in her design discipline, saying: “I do not stick to one style of dress, however, I tend to dress with a bohemian/Afrocentric mix of style most of the time.”

Bahamas Consulate Reception3

The aspect of her creations that Kristin has attempted to make conspicuous is her attention to detail.

“Sometimes, a lot is said with the simplest design that contains an element or elements of keen detail which will catch the eye and make it unique,” said the designer.

Returning to particulars of the event itself and its impact on her as a young professional, she said: “Karib Nation, Inc. filled my heart with excitement when I was told that I would be going to Washington to receive an award of excellence.





“My presentation of my resort wear to the Bahamas Consulate Reception along with other designers, artists and musical melodies was beautiful,” she continued. “The visit to Capitol Hill was even more humbling as we toured the halls of previous Presidents and listened to the many Acts that were passed.

“The biggest event of the time spent in Washington was the day when I got to present my spring 2014 collection.” Subsequently, Kristin was presented with the award she was called for which recognised her contributions to Caribbean fashion for 2014.

“Opportunities came my way immediately after the show and I embraced all with love…” she said of the show and award ceremony reception. Kristin felt that she was not only representing her productions, but making a powerful demonstration in her country’s honour.

image (5)

Proclaiming that the sky is the limit, the designer’s particular goals are to see Trèfle in major department stores within the US, Europe and the Caribbean as a Caribbean British recognised name.

“A feature in Sports Illustrated and an opportunity to present my collection at Mercedes Benz Swim are also on my bucket-list,” concluded the aspiring fashion guru.

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