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Keeping Organised w/ House BVI

house bvi

Some great accessories to keep your home tidy and organised.

  1. Striped lidded storage box, perfect for toys or towels. This sturdy storage option also doubles as a seat
  2. 1

  3. Larger covered storage options covered in stylish patterns that co-ordinate to your room décor
  4. 2

  5. River washed bedside storage with wicker drawers. Also available as a tallboy and in a white finish
  6. 3

  7. This is a perfect option for outdoor storage on a deck or a coastal scheme
  8. 4

  9. Fun stripes storage boxes also double as side tables
  10. 5

  11. Over-size beach bags, perfect for the bathroom to keep laundry or rolled towels
  12. 6

  13. Wheeled baskets allow a huge amount of space for bulkier items
  14. 7

  15. The ever popular food storage containers to protect from creepy crawlies
  16. 8

Fran Morrell - House BVI

Fran Morrell - House BVI

Owner at House
House is a renowned BVI retailer that provides everything you need to make your house a home. Kitchen ware, decorative accessories, furniture, interior design, bed and bath fixtures, and much more...
Fran Morrell - House BVI
Fran Morrell - House BVI

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