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Hotel-Inspired Bathrooms

The bathrooms of first-class hotels are defined by their luxury, style and elegance. More than the sum of their sinks and showerheads, hotel bathrooms serve as luxurious sanctuaries, providing the comforts of home while transporting guests to another realm. Now jet-setters are looking for the same spa-like experience from the design of the bathroom within their homes. Here are some design ideas you can implement into your home to achieve the same opulence of the worlds most luxurious hotels.

Jaw-Dropping Views

A deep-soaker bathtub is perhaps the truest hotel-spa indulgence. What’s one thing that can make your bathing experience even better? Sweeping ocean views from your bath so you can relax and soak it all in. To achieve the perfect positioning, first find your ideal view then plan for your tub to sit behind full-height glass windows with no obstructions to the amazing vistas. To take it a step further, connect a private terrace off your bathroom with an outdoor shower or tub to create the ultimate stay-cation experience.



In the most luxurious and exclusive resorts, the bathroom fittings are outfitted with the latest technology with the hope of the user experience being intuitive and uncomplicated. Take a page from their playbook and leverage technology to improve convenience and comfort in your home. Smart Glass offers you transparency and privacy you may need for your shower walls that can be switched from clear to frosted with the flip of a switch. Another smart feature to include in your bathroom design is a modern and stylish in-mirror TV. This waterproof television mirror sits behind the mirror’s surface using a vanishing effect when not in use so that bathers can watch their favourite show while performing bathroom routines.

Made for Entertaining

For those that love hosting, having a line of guests waiting outside your powder room can be worrisome. Taking inspiration from the shared guest areas at hotels, two water closets in a one-bathroom suite can be a functional design option for homeowners that need to accommodate for a fair amount of family and friends at once. The layout can consist of a communal space with one or two vanities, a lounge area and then two private washrooms. To ensure the comfort and chicness of a five-star property for this shared bathroom, decorate the space with an opulent aesthetic with features like ornate mosaic tiles, freestanding vanities, and a show-stopping light fixture.


Hotel designers know that eco-friendly bathroom design provides guests with wellness benefits without sacrificing performance or elegance. Homeowners can easily incorporate the same sustainable design trends seen in many luxury resort bathrooms. Choosing natural materials for your bathtub, such as copper or stone, can make bathing an exotic and calming experience. Another refreshing accent for the bath gaining popularity luxury hospitality spaces are living green walls. Vertical gardens in your bathing area can improve health by absorbing pollutants and providing an instant calming effect.

The most important factor in any successful bathroom design project is to use quality materials and expert craftsmanship. By surrounding yourself with luxurious finishes and furnishings, plush amenities, and breathtaking views, you too can recreate a high-end hotel bathroom within your home.

James McDonald

James McDonald

James confidently contributes creative design solutions to his clients as a Senior Designer for OBMI’s Destination Creation and Island Living Studios. He collaborates with his team to bring residential and hospitality projects to life, including many luxury villas at Oil Nut Bay in the BVI.
James McDonald

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