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HIV AIDS Foundation offers blood-free testing


Raising Awareness – Know Your Status

Quick and easy testing – no blood needed

Photography courtesy of BVI HIV AIDS Foundation

In 2004, the HIV-AIDS Foundation (BVI) Limited (HAF) was established as a non-government, not-for-profit charitable organisation incorporated and registered under the laws of the Virgin Islands. 

     The establishment of the foundation was to financially assist pregnant women to access HIV testing – following, it enhanced the development of a collaborative relationship with the national health programme and facilitated the development of the Prevention-of-Mother-to-Child-Transmission (PMTCT) Programme.

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The foundation will be known and recognised as the lead non-governmental organisation in the British Virgin Islands to reduce HIV transmission and advocate for the rights of people living with HIV.

Mission and Objectives:

To prevent HIV transmission through sexual health education programmes, reducing and halting HIV transmission in the BVI

To promote the dissemination of information about sexual health, safe sexual practices and regular testing in the BVI, non-governmental organisations and the government of the British Virgin Islands with a view to raising awareness about HIV-AIDS

Support for people living with HIV to access quality comprehensive treatment, care and support within an environment of privacy and confidentiality

To advocate on behalf of living with HIV and defend their human rights, seeking to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS and instances of discrimination


All are welcome to become members of HAF. Membership is open to all individuals and organisations who agree to accept the foundation’s vision, mission, and objectives. An annual membership fee of $25 is required in order to maintain its current operations and support the further development of the charity.


HAF primarily uses social media such as Facebook as a resource to target the younger population by educating, raising awareness, and encouraging testing in the Territory.

Free Testing

The foundation provides free and confidential HIV testing services Monday through Friday by appointment at their office in Road Town. Testing is made simple by an ‘OraQuick’ test which is fast, painless, requires no blood, and only a swab of the gums to provide results in just 20 minutes*.




Fundraising and Events

In the past, the foundation raised money by requesting donations from companies and individuals who support them. However, HAF is now working with these sponsors to fundraise through raffles and events which bring the charity to the public’s attention and encourage the community to get involved. HAF has many ideas for future events in the BVI, including the prospects to host an exciting World Aids Day later this year.

The Main Goal

“Our main goal for the foundation is to eliminate the stigma that is attached to HIV and that is ever so present in the BVI. We want people to understand that HIV is a chronic disease just like diabetes or cancer except that it is 100% preventable if you use protection and if you are aware of the risks. Most importantly, HAF want to teach people that with the right medication and care, one can live a healthy and normal life if you are HIV positive, and that we are here to help achieve this.” – Cid Nava, Chairman of BIV HIV AIDS Foundation.

*Tests are performed at the BVI HIV AIDS Foundation’s offices at 33 Porters Rd in Road Town. Appointments can be made at 284 541 4243 or via email at [email protected]


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