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Gryphon’s Lair

Spellbound by Gryphon’s Lair At Gryphon’s Lair overlooking Lambert Beach, I sat in a wooden chair on the pool deck and became hypnotized by the two most soothing sounds in the tropics—the breath of the sea and the chatter of wind through palm leaves. Each lapping wave and rustling breeze sent me deeper into a calm trance enhanced by the visual pleasures of pink oleander, red hibiscus, golden butterflies, periwinkle skies, white clouds, multicolored sailboats and turquoise waters. The same sights and sounds can be experienced from different settings on the property—a grassy, boulder-bordered lawn; balconies with white railings; ceramic-tiled patios; and an open-air, covered breezeway that operates as the nucleus of the home. The breezeway, overlooking Lambert beach and Guana Island, connects the one-bedroom main house to the two-bedroom guest cottage, the balconies, the outdoor cooking deck and the pool. In addition to the sizeable teak dining table for entertaining, the breezeway also features a small, two-person cocktail table for more intimate conversations. Behind the breezeway extends a large wooden deck with a professional barbeque. While the home faces the sea, it is protected by the surrounding hillsides, so outdoor areas remain comfortable year-round. The ebullient flow of light and breeze through the main house originates from the exquisite, hardwood floor-to-ceiling windows and doors that open to the sea-facing balcony and open breezeway. The great room includes a kitchen with tiled breakfast bar, a reading area and the living room for relaxing in front of the television—that is, if occupants can pull their eyes away from the mesmerizing panorama. Off the great room, a bedroom with the same tongue-and-groove cathedral ceilings also boasts the same view, either from the room or from the intimate adjoining balcony. Past the breezeway and up a few stairs, the guest cottage’s balcony shares the view as well and also looks over the property’s pool and vast deck. Beyond the pool deck, a sunning platform is tucked away between mature fruit tress and the BVI’s trademark granite boulders in a private side lawn that features a fire pit, spongy Bermuda grass, and comfy lounge chairs. I again paused to absorb the sounds and sights. The view across the wind-patterned sea to Guana Island reminded me of the fictional impressionist paintings Proust observes in Remembrance of Things Past where the sea and land and sky become interchangeably distorted. Proust wrote, “…the churches of Criquebec which, from far, encircled by water on all sides because one saw them without seeing the town, in a powdering of sun and waves, seem to have emerged from the waters, blown from alabaster or foam and, trapped in the ring of an iridescent rainbow, to form an unreal and mystical painting. In the foreground of the beach, the painter has accustomed your eyes not to recognize the established boundary, the clear demarcation, between the sky and the ocean.” In the case of the view from Gryphon’s Lair, the sea appears to be above the pass between two of Guana’s hills—like a looming, permanent wave between the green hillsides. Again, I felt spellbound by the sensations surrounding me. The spacious bedrooms in the guest cottage offer white cathedral ceilings, immense storage space, and white-tiled bathrooms with hand-painted cobalt blue designs. The white ceilings, walls, tiles and railings with accent colours in the bedrooms, bathrooms and balcony add to an overall sense of crisp freshness that pervades the entire property. This crispness is only reinforced by the outdoor spaces—the balconies, patios, decks and lawns. The secluded Gryphon’s Lair sits on over a half-acre of land a short walk or drive above Lambert Beach Resort and has access to all the amenities of the property—beach chairs, pool, restaurant and gardens. The airport, east side restaurants and shops, and popular North Shore surfing beaches are all between five and ten minutes away.