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Going Greener

Erin Paviour-Smith

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Cooper Island Beach Club, British Virgin Islands


It’s great

to be in the outer islands of the BVI where some of the world renowned establishments are located offering the best cuisine, the epitome of customer service and heavenly scenery harmonising with the natural environment.

These islands possess an abundance of luxury locales, but there is something unique, intangible and overwhelmingly enigmatic about the soothing evocation of the Cooper Island Beach Club experience. Our exclusive feature about their recent refit by Arawak Interiors reveals that paradise can become even more paradisiacal – guests will love Cooper’s new Rum Bar providing 100 varied rums; a cool spot to unwind and one of several suave additions to the island resort.

Inspired by Green VI’s Executive Director Charlotte McDevitt and her article in April’s issue advocating actions we should take to be more ‘green’, we decided to further investigate the sustainable development and eco challenges affecting the BVI. In an interview with Dr Shannon Gore and her book Best Management Practices, she discusses the very reality of losing our pristine beaches if guidelines regarding erosion are ignored. Also, professional kiteboarder Charlie Smith displayed his enthusiasm about the environment with his strong plea to sustain the natural beauty of Virgin Gorda’s North Sound.

We have packed this issue with other eventful and informative favourites, appeasing summer preferences and the fact that although sailing season is over, it isn’t over.

Enjoy the BVI as we enter the slower season or as a certain Cane Garden Bay Entrepreneur would say, the ‘high value season’ and let us know about any ‘green’ initiatives in the BVI via [email protected] that you think are worth screaming from the tree tops.

Stephen L France

PS Our latest books Building a Virgin Islands Sloop and Dining on Deck Volume II are available from our Road Reef Plaza Office if you missed us at the BVI Spring Regatta this year. Contact: [email protected] Make sure you grab your copy!


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