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Get Fashion Forward, Locally

We search out a few of the hottest international trends in fashion hitting BVI stores right now. By Erin Paviour-Smith

Now more than ever it’s important to shop local and small. Shipping costs and package waiting times are inconvenient, plus it’s more fun to touch, feel and try on clothes in a store. Not to mention that by shopping local, we’re supporting and investing in our local community, and putting our dollars towards independent small businesses to keep our economy flowing.

Being a mindful person and trying to do right by our already pressured planet, while creating personal expression through fashion, is a way to make us feel special in our own skin.

There’s no pressure here. I prefer to look at trends as more of an influence, rather than taking them as “gospel”. Pick up a trend you like and apply your own personal style and flair. That way, you will feel like yourself and look pretty cool too.

Here are a few international trends for 2022, with a selection of pieces that you’ll find in our local stores. Pick and choose what works for you and leave the rest. Just remember that fashion is fun and an expression of self.

THE TREND: Cutouts

The new cutouts trend is more creative than the cutouts we saw years ago, when this trend first came about. This time, they’re fun, different, and can be unexpectedly-placed.

Four ways to get the look:


Mixing artistic prints with details like brushstrokes, geometric shapes, emblems paying homage to the natural world, prints and patterns is a fun aesthetic for any piece in your wardrobe.

THE TREND: Crop Tops

Everywhere I look right now folks are rocking crop tops! If you’ve been working out and you’re rocking a six pack, then this look is definitely for you.

Four ways to get the look:

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