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A Time to Reflect – From the Editor

Slow season: a time of reflection and absorbing the serenity of the islands.

In preparing ourselves for the new season when we will host our Readers’ Choice 2016 (see inside) in proud partnership with Veuve Clicquot, VIPY have taken what our audience sought in our Reader Survey of late 2015 and will be introducing a new feature to commence in October of this year.

Presenting VIPY Style & Beauty, this segment seeks to appease our readership’s tastes for the fashionable, luxurious lifestyle that the Virgin Islands bestows. With the rise in boutiques and sophisticated retailers, our intention is to support this expanding industry with a feature promoting the latest, trendy products and services available; see our promotional page inside for more information on how you can advertise with us.

Stephen L France
Erin Contributor Photo
Editor-in-Chief – Stephen L France
Project Manager – Erin Paviour-Smith

Our first feature this issue is our regular BVI HomeSense, lending advice for soundproofing when it comes to the frivolous Festival we all love. August Carnival is certainly a great time, but for those who decide to opt out of the annual rambunctious antics of this event, sleep can be a challenge. We hope our tips in this editorial help…

Superyacht Octopussy cruises onto our pages as the cover feature this month. For those entertained by popular culture, just one look at this ‘ship’ will reveal why she holds the name; she suits all the slickness of a James Bond vessel.


House_Fran Morrell & Kate Henderson_Judges
Julian Portrait
Megan (2)
Geoff Brooks
SaraSherman - headshot 2016

Coldwell Banker BVI

BVI Maritime History Tales excites us with a trip back into the past, discovering the rise of Festival and the sloop races. It’s interesting to see how events like Carnival rose to their present, renowned state.

From Sea Level provides a popular recipe that always has their guests jumping up for more with chef Megan’s Grouper Bites.

In honour of reflecting during this tranquil month (following Festival), we provide you with an 11-page spread of our favourite Yacht Spotlight features from over the years; this editorial is sure to provoke the unadulterated awe of those who love to cruise the Caribbean islands and we encourage you to visit our ISSUU e-publications where we originally featured these yachts.

Things We Love show us the best items to keep our homes organised and finally, we review an inspirational book designed by Scott Taylor for the younger generation of visitors and residents of the BVI – Pirate Islands; this fun, educational book will encourage families to explore the BVI with their kids as they take to the enjoyable poems and activities that relay a past many of us are unaware of.

Wishing you enjoyment of the LAND, SEA, and LIFE in the Virgin Islands

Stephen L France

PS – This is the final month for voting in our VIPY Readers’ Choice this year – make sure you show love for your favourites in the categories available – bvipropertyyacht.com/readers-choice-2016/

Erin Paviour-Smith

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