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Fashion for your Home

“Enjoy my home, your paradise…” are the words of Kristin Frazer, Lead Creator at Trèfle: a motto to live by and the ethos behind a uniquely BVI brand that has been steadily growing over the past ten years. With her passion for design and love of vibrant colours, Kristin has already built an international reputation as a leading swimsuit designer in the Caribbean with a cult following of A-listers and island girls alike. However, not content to dominate the swimwear and resort wear market Kristin has now turned her prodigious design talents to the world of home furnishings.

Having launched privately in 2016, the TrèfleHOME Collection was officially unveiled to the public in May 2018.  Featuring table linen, indoor and outdoor throw pillows, curtains and bed runners this exciting homeware range contains everything you could possibly need to give your home a distinctly Caribbean makeover. The eclectic mix of colours and textures gives such a versatile palette to coordinate with existing décor and brings an injection of Caribbean chic to any home, villa or yacht.

The TrèfleHOME Collection boasts a range of different fabrics including chiffon, twill, organic cotton and Eco-canvas and all Kristin’s fabric designs are printed to the highest standards of quality in the USA.  All items in the range are produced locally in the BVI thus creating jobs and supporting the local economy. Each design reflects the colour, vibrancy and beauty of the British Virgin Islands complementing the stunning views outside and welcoming the Caribbean colours inside your home. With more than 40 different prints in the range to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect pieces to create your own personal paradise.

“TrèfleHOME doesn’t associate the label with collection names but rather print names as the defined concept that tell one story of our brand,” explains Kristin further.


Each fabric design has been inspired by and named after places in the BVI that Kristin holds close to her heart.  “In all my travels and interactions with people along with my heritage and culture here in the BVI, I’ve been able to connect how this makes me feel and my team and I express this through all of the designs”.

Items in the range cost between $40-$70 so it is not only ethical but also affordable to update the look of your home, reflecting the heritage, culture and resilience of the British Virgin Islands and her people.

The TrèfleHOME Collection is a 100% locally owned and locally made line that is uniquely BVI through and through.

“Buying local is always a great way to show support to a growing business. My products, whether swimwear, resort wear or HOME goods all evoke such positive moods and anything that is colourful and vibrant is a winner!”

At a time when so many homeowners throughout the Caribbean region are completing remodelling and renovations of their homes after the impact of the 2017 hurricanes, TrèfleHOME’s flamboyant use of colour brings a much needed “colour-pop” to homes and landscapes still very much in recovery.

Kristin’s mission to colour the islands (even more) beautifully is gaining pace with the first TrèfleHOME Collection.  Building on this success, she plans to expand the line further to include candles, wallpaper and other fine home décor accessories.

The TrèfleHOME Collection is currently available for purchase at Clover’s, 281 Waterfront Drive, Road Town, Tortola and online at www.innerevi.com.  The full range will be available on www.treflehome.com later this year.

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