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Fabulous gifts for Under $50

house bvi

Photography by Rainbow Visions BVI

Great gifts from House, BVI home accessories retailer


Smart and fun correspondence cards and organisation post-it notes – a wonderful gift


A set of four mugs – an ideal housewarming present, either all the same or different colours


A stylish little zipped pouch that comes with pencils, eraser, and a ruler – great to repurpose as a wallet or receipt holder


A party gift with sumptuous scents, perfect for him or her


For writing your wish lists and things to do, this empty lined book comes complete with a pen hidden in its spine


To enhance a coastal scheme, this can be used as a decorative piece, bookend, or paperweight

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A suitable gift from the islands, West Indian lime soaps and lotions, a sharp refreshing scent


No self-respecting girl should be seen without her Kate Spade insulated water holder. Perfect for hot days or post workout rehydration

Fran Morrell - House BVI

Fran Morrell - House BVI

Owner at House
House is a renowned BVI retailer that provides everything you need to make your house a home. Kitchen ware, decorative accessories, furniture, interior design, bed and bath fixtures, and much more...
Fran Morrell - House BVI
Fran Morrell - House BVI

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